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This research journal has been published for the last ten years. In these ten years, so far 18 volumes of this journal have been published continuously without break.In this journal,papers related to Vedic Literature,and written in Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages are being published.It is published twice in a year. Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University) has set certain ‘Aims & Objectives’of this journal as following which are printed on the last page of the cover of each issue of the journal:

  • To rectify and clarify the illusionary thoughts expressed by critics on Vedas, by referring to the existing logical proof and arguments, in Shastras.
  • To extract the knowledge-scientific or otherwise, hidden in Vedas.
  • To publish the original Vedic findings.
  • To prepare special edition on Vedic doctrine, containing detailed arguments for notified Vedic research outcomes.
  • To accelerate from Brahma to Jaimini school of Vedic thoughts for removing the illusions prevailing about Vedas.
  • To publish critical edition of work carried out on Vedas by citing the facts that originally existed in Vedic books, rarely available.

In the light of these objectives only this international Vedic Research Journal titled ‘Vaidika Vag Jyotih’ is published.this journal tries to interpret Vedas in right perspective for the deliberation of scholars.It reveals various aspects of the Vedas for presenting a healthy and creative vision towords them. Simultaneously,an effort is also being made through this journal to communicate to scholars and the researchers,the conclusions which are derived through the higher research on the vedic subjects.

This journal is published only after evaluation done by two scholars. Reviewers are veriable from time to time.It is known that from time to time,scholars such as then Ex-Human Resource Development Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar,Padamshree Dr.Shyam Singh Shashi,Padamshree Dr. Poonam Suri,President DAV College Managing Committee Delhi,Mr.Chandresh Sona,Deputy Secretary Prime Minister’s Office,Prof. Radheshyam Chaturvedi,Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar,Dr.Maan Singh,eminent Vedic Scholar,Dr.Chandrashekhar Lokhande,renowned author from Maharashtra;Dr.S.R.Verma,eminent physicist etc.have sent their responses(appreciations) for our journal in written,which are published in its issues time to time.

It is important that the Editorial/Advisory Committee of this journal includes Acharya Balkrishna who is known as the present day ‘Dhanvantari’ of Ayurveda,and also renowned Vedic Scholar like Professor Nikolas Kazanas,Director- Omilos Meleton Cultural Inst,Athens(Greece),and Rashtrapati-sammanita Professor Shashi Tiwari from University of Delhi.The research papers of these scholars are constantly published in this journal.Research Papers of some other internationally acclaimed scholars are published which can be seen in the published copies of this journal.President- Awardee Dr.Prashasya Mitra Shastri has composed Sanskrita shlokas about this journal which is published in every issue of this journal regularly.

This journal, based on Vedas,is the only journal of its kind published in the world that includes papers and various researches written in three languages.Along with this,it publishes time to time lists of Vedic research works done previously or currently in various Universities. We often publish reviews of newly published Vedic Books in this journal which can be seen in its volumes.Many special issues has been published so far.Thus, this journal can be treated as useful as a reference book.

Based on all these characteristics,this journal was registered by RNI Department of Government of India.ISSN Number is also allotted to this journal which is mentioned on its every issue.Through this Vedic journal,often vedic thoughts of social reformers such as Swami Dayananda Sraswati,Swami Vivekananda,Shri Aurobindo and others are being propagated.At the same time,vision of the ancient sages from Brahma to Jaimini is also encouraged.


Rs. 1200.00 Annual, US $ 120
Single Copy: Rs. 600.00
Rs. 5000.00 Five Year’s
Payment Mode: DD in favor of Registrar, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be Univeristy), Haridwar.
Published by
Prof. Sunil Kumar
Registrar, GKV, Haridwar – 249 404
(Uttarakhand) India
Printed at
D.V. Printers
97-U.B., Jawhar Nager, Delhi-110007
Mob.: 09990279798, 09818279798

Author Instructions

Vaidika Vaag Jyotih is a half yearly Refereed & Peer-Reviewed International Vedic Journal of Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor both in Electronic Form and in Hard Copy (Walkman 901 or 905, typed on A4 size paper). Research papers of late eminent vedic scholars recommended by reviewers can also be consider for publication.
Copyright © Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar.The Advice and information in this Journal are believed to be true and accurate but the person associated with the production of the journal can not accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the District Court Haridwar, uttarakhand only .

Editor and Advisory Board

Chief Editor
Prof. Dinesh Chandra ShastriBrief Bio
Head, Dept. of Veda, GKV Haridwar-249404 (U.K.) India
Email – dineshcshastri@gmail.com
Tel : +91-9410192541
Dr.Satyapal Singh, Chancellor, GKV Haridwar
Hon’ Vice- Chancellor, GKV Haridwar
Distinguished Advisors
Acharya Balkrishna, V.C., Patanjali University
Prof. Devi Prasad Tripathi, V.C., U.S. University
Departmental Advisory Board
Prof. Manudev Bandhu
Editorial / Advisory Board
Prof. Nicholas Kazanas, Athens (Greece)
Prof. Shashi Tiwari, Delhi (President Awardee)
Dr. Rajendra Ayurvedalankar, Haridwar
Prof. Maan Singh, Roorkee
Prof. Lekhram Sharma, Amritsar
Prof. Suneel Joshi, Haridwar
Prof. Ishwar Bhardwaj, Haridwar
Prof. Rajendra Vidyalankar, Kurukshetra
Prof. Vedpal (Meerut)
Prof. Kamlesh Chaukashi, Ahmedabad, Gujrat
Prof. Renubala, Amritsar
Dr. Nagendra K.Neeraj,Haridwar
Prof. Kishnaram Bishnoi, Hissar
Prof. R.C. Dubey, Haridwar
Prof. Pankaj Madan, Haridwar
Prof. L.P. Purohit, Haridwar
Dr. Aparna Dhir, New Delhi
Dr. Anju Kumari,Haridwar
Dr. R.G.Murli Krishna,Delhi
Dr. Udham Singh,HaridwarReviewers (Reviewers are variable from time to time)
Blind Peer ReviewersFinance Advisor
Dr. V. K. Singh, F.O.
Sh. Shashi Kant Sharma, ACMA
Sh.Naveen Kumar
Business Manager
H.O.D. Veda & Librarian
GKV, Haridwar – 249 404 (Uttarakhand) India