Central Library


The Central Library of Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar exists with the inception of the university in 1902. It was shifted to the present building in 1936 after the havoc of flood took place in Kangri village where the university was established by Swami Shardhanand ji. The library is an inestimable treasure not only for the Uttarakhand state but for the whole country. Rare books and manuscripts on Indian knowledge and tradition (Literature, Religion, Philosophy, and Culture) are preserved in the reference section here. Besides literature, other subjects’ books are there on different ancient and modern subjects. Teachers, research scholars and students of undergraduate and postgraduate levels use the library round the year. Recently, the book bank facility for SC/ST students has also been started from the 2019-20 session. Besides, there is a separate section for Visually impaired students.
The library subscribes around 84 national and international current journals in print form for research purposes. Also, 18 periodical publications on Aryan literature are coming in the library. Besides, more than 8000 bound journals are available in the library.
The library has also subscribed to 367 e-books during 2019 for lifetime access. Further, 6500+ e-journals with bibliographic databases are available in the library through E-Shodhsindhu, an initiative of Inflibnet, Gandhinagar (Gujarat). Of them, remote access is available through EZ-proxy software for the registered users of the library. It is worth mentioning that 400 books and a few manuscripts have been digitized with the assistance of the C-DAC project of the Government of India. The original software is also provided by Inflibnet, Gandhinagar (Gujarat) for plagiarism checking of the Ph.D. theses.

Online Library Catalogue: Search for any book in the Central Library online

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Guidelines for Plagiarism

Library Timings

The library remains open throughout the year as follow:

Registration Counter

10.00 AM to 4.30 PM – Monday to Saturday (except University Holidays)

Circulation Counter

10.00 AM to 4.30 PM – Monday to Saturday (except University Holidays)

Reading Areas

10.00 AM to 5.00 PM – Monday to Saturday (except University Holidays)

Photocopy Services

10.00 AM to 4.30 PM – Monday to Saturday (except University Holidays)

Internet Surfing

10.00 AM to 4.30 PM – Monday to Saturday (except University Holidays)

Library Rules

The members are required to sign in the gate register and deposit their bags/belongings at the entrance. However, personal belongings are not permitted inside the Library. Further:

  • Library books, once issued, cannot be taken back into the library except for returning at the counter. However, laptops may be permitted for reference inside the library after getting proper permission from the library in charge.
  • The members are required to bring their ID Cards to enter the library and also to produce the same to the security and issue/return counter staff as and when asked for.
  • Research scholars from other Universities may be permitted by the Professor Incharge/Information Scientist.
Borrowing Facility

The number of books/ documents permitted to be borrowed at a time to different categories is as under:

Sr. No. Category Number of Books Loan Period in months
1. Teachers 10 01 (However, they may keep books for one year, if replacement is not required)
2. Non-teaching Staff 06 01 (However, they may keep books for one year, if replacement is not required)
3. Research Scholars 08 01
4. Postgraduate Students 06 01
5. Undergraduate Students 05 01
6. Diploma and others 04 01

If books/documents issued to the students are not returned in time, 0.50 Rs. Per day fine will be charged. 

Know Your Library

This is all about different sections and loan facilities available in the library for the use of registered members.

Library Sections

The main building of the Central Library of the Deemed University is divided into many sections:

(Ground Floor)

  • Hindi Section: Hindi Section has a collection of books in Hindi and Sanskrit Languages. In which there is a collection of books on Art and Humanities and Stories, Biography of Great Persons. Hindi Section also has a reading room with a seating capacity for 30 students.
  • Newspaper Section: The newspaper Section contains Nine newspapers in Hindi and English Language and employment News.
  • Book Bank (SC/ST Students): Book Bank Section for SC/ST students was established in the year 2019 in Central Library.

(First Floor)

  • English Section: English Section contains a collection of books in English languages including art and humanities. All the books have been arranged from Class No 600 to 999 through the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The English Section also has a reading room with a seating capacity for thirty students.
  • Science Section: A separate section of science and technology books for B.Sc./M. Sc. and Ph.D. students is there on the first floor of the library. All the books have been arranged from Class No 500 to 599 using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Humanities Section: This section contains the books on Social Science, Research and Humanities subjects. The books are arranged from class no 001 to 399 using the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Reading Room: Reading Room facilities for readers is provided in the 02 sections of the first floor, namely the English Section and Humanities Section. They have the capacity to accommodate 20-30 students respectively.
  • Besides, there is an issue – return counter in the main building of the library. Here, the users can issue or return their books/other documents.

Reference Section/Library
A new specialized wing called the Reference Library was added in the year 1994. The aim of this library is to build up a collection in Reference Books in English, Sanskrit, and Hindi languages. The books on various subjects in the above three languages are arranged in the reference library; for example, on Sanskrit, Vedas, History, Culture, Language and Literature. Its collection comprises of more than 35,000 documents which include Reference books, Bound Volumes of Journals, Theses and Dissertation, CDs, DVDs etc. Popular magazines, print journals and e-resources can be accessed in this section.

(Ground Floor)

  • English Language Books : This section contains a collection of Reference Books in English languages including Science and Technology, Art and Humanities, also including Languages Dictionary, Encyclopaedia, Biographical Sources, Directories, Bibliographies, Year-Books, Almanacs, Geographical sources, Handbooks, manuals and sources of statistics. All the books have been arranged from class no 001 to 999 through the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Hindi Language Books : Hindi Section has a collection of Reference Books in Hindi Literature and Language.
  • Sanskrit Language Books : It contains a collection of Reference Books in the Sanskrit Language to help research scholars in their research work.
  • Reading Room : A separate reading room is there in the periodical section of the reference library for students where at a time, 30-40 students can be accommodated. There is also a separate reading room for research scholars is there on the first floor where 10-15 scholars can be adjusted at a time.
  • Visually Handicapped Section : With the grant provided by the UGC in 2019, a separate section for Blind and Visually Handicapped students is open in the reference library. Various accessories have been placed in the section to help in reading for special students.
  • Computer Lab : The computer lab is located on the first floor of the reference library which offers a variety of adjacent spaces and services to support teaching & learning needs. Computers Lab provides access to the Internet, OPAC of the library and databases with thousands of articles, and e-books. There are as of now 16 internet-enabled desktops are there in the reference library.
  • Periodical Section : This section contains various issues of loose periodicals/journals being subscribed to by the university library.
  • Photocopy Section : Photocopying service is provided from 10.30 A.M to 4.00 P.M on a payment basis during all working days. Library users may get the document or book portion under strict compliance of Copyright Law through the reprographic section in the reference library.

(First Floor)

  • One Authored Book Collection : The first floor of the reference library contains a collection of authored books which has the biographies of different individuals in more than one volume.
  • Bound Periodical/Journal Section : The central library bins the loose issues of subscribed journals that have archival values as bound volumes for future reference. These bound volumes act like a treasure house of knowledge for the use of research scholars in their hunt for knowledge.
  • Regional Language Books : The reference library also contains a separate collection of regional language books including Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Urdu etc. and some foreign language books are also included.
  • Theses and Dissertation Section : The Theses and Dissertation Section is located on the first floor in the reference library. Central Library receives copies of all the Theses and Dissertation awarded by the University and they are housed in this section. There are about 3000+ Theses currently available in the section. The theses and dissertation in the stacks have been arranged according to the subject wise and you need to note the details from the OPAC for locating the theses and dissertation.
  • Reading Room : A separate reading room facility for Research Scholars has been provided in the Reference Library in Thesis and Dissertation Section on the First floor. Which has a seating capacity for reading more than thirty readers.

(Arya Samaj Collection)

  • Snatak Gallery:  A section is there in the reference library which has books written by graduates and postgraduates and research scholars of the university.
  • Manuscripts Gallery: The reference library has 250+ Manuscripts including Sanskrit, Hindi, palm-leaf, covering a variety of subjects. This collection is very rare and valuable for research scholars.
  • Arya Samaj Literature Section. On the first floor of the reference library, there is a collection of books on Arya Samaj Literature. Which contains books related to Arya Samaj and Vedas as well as bound volumes of Arya Samaj Patrika, Journals and Newspapers. Books written by Swami Shardhananda and about Swami Ji have been placed in Arya Samaj section.

Collection of the Library

The University Library possesses a very rich collection of 194559 volumes of books, bound volumes of journals and other reading material.

Sr.No. Category of the Documents Number
1. Books/Bound/Volumes/Theses 194559
2. Manuscript 217
3. Journals / Magazines 84
4. Newspapers 14
5. E-Books 370
6. E-Resources 6000+ through ESS
Organization of the library

Various Sections of the library are:

Acquisition Section

Technical Section

Periodical Section

Circulation Section

Book Bank Section

Binding Section

Photocopy Section

Internet Surfing Section

Gurukul Publication Section

Library Services

The library provides the following services:


On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)is the representation of the library’s collection of learning resources. The catalogue is accessible to the bonafide users on the internet as well as on the intranet of the university. Click for Internet-based access on

Research Support

The University Library has now the facility to detect plagiarism using the Ouriginal software (arranged by INFLIBNET). The software helps to detect possible plagiarism in a document and generates a report showing the similarities with other documents. User id and password are provided to faculty members so the students working with their supervisor may get checked his / her thesis from their id. But final certificate will be given by the University Coordinator only. A plagiarism check facility for girl students is available in their respective libraries at Jwalapur and Dehradun.

Internet Surfing

There are as of now 16 internet-enabled desktops available in the library for student use located in a separate lab in the reference library. However, this service is offered to the bonafide library users of the library free of cost.

Photocopying Service

The photocopying services is available from 10.15 A.M to 4.30 P.M on a payment basis during all working days.

Reading Facilities

The Reading Halls, with seating capacity for 200+ readers, are located on all the floors adjacent to the stack areas to maintain proximity of the library users to the books.


The library also has subscribed 367 e-books; and 6500+ e-journals with a few bibliographic databases available in the library through E-Shodhsindhu

Human Resource of the Library
Sr. No. Name Designation Number
1. Prof. Shrawan K. Sharma Professor Incharge 01
2. Dr. Anil Kumar Dhiman Information Scientist 01
3. Dr. Sachin Kumar Kaushik Professional Assistant 01
4. Shri Sanjay Pare  

Semi-Professional Assistants




5. Shri Samir
6. Shri Sanjay
7. Shri Anand Ballabh Joshi
8. Shri Kuldeep Chand Raturi MTS
9. Shri Isam Singh Saini 03
10. Shri Sashikant
11. Shri Narendra Singh
12. Shri Nand Gopal Prasad MTS (Fix salary)  


13. Shri Dinesh Kumar
14. Shri Amit Kumar

In case of any difficulty or assistance, the students may contact the Professor in Incharge and/or Information Scientist in the library during office time.

List of subscribed Journal in Central Library

(1April 2018-31March 2019)

Sr.no Name of the Title
1. Accst Research Journal
2. Allelopathy Journal
3. Applied Science Periodical
4. Biography
5. BioScience Research Bulletin
6. Botanical Review
7. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (A) Zoology
8. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (B) Botany
9. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (C) Chemistry
10. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (D) Physics
11. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (E) Maths
12. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science (F) Geology
13. Contemporary South East Asia
14. Competition Affairs
15. Flora & Fauna
16. Global Journal of Business Management
17. GranthalayaVigyan
18. Indian Psychological Review
19. Indian Journal of Ecology
20. Journal of Indian Academy & Maths
21. Journal of Library & Information Technology
22. Journal of Indian Health Psychology
23. Journal of Indian Chemical Society
24. Library Process
25. National Geographic
26. Planta Medica
27. Professional Journal of Library and Information Technology
28. Scientific American
29. Swami News
30. SahityaAmrit
31. Triveni
32. Twentieth-Century Literature
33. Times Literary Supplement
34. The Mathematics Education
List of Non-subscribed Journal in Central Library

(1 April 2018-31March 2019)

Sr.no Name of the Title
1. Arya Sandesh
2. Arya Maryada
3. Arya jagat
4. Arya pratinidhi
5. Arya jivan
6. Arya sansar
7. Humans Rights news letter
8. Kulbhumi
9. Kalyan
10.  पतंजलि विश्वविद्यालय प्रभा
 11. Radiance views  weekly
12. राष्ट्रधर्म
13. SAC Courier (Space application center) ISRO
14. The Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics
15 The Book review
16 University news
17 Vedic path
18 Vivekananda Journal of research
List of subscribed popular Magazine  in Central Library

(1April 2018 31March 2019)

Sr.no Name of the Title
1.  मुक्तामसिक
2. News Events
3. Crimnal
4. Cricket Samrat
5. SamanyaGyanDarpan
6. Hindi Gayanuday
7.  नवनीत मासिक
8.  कुरुक्षेत्र मासिक
9.  योजनामसिक
10. India today
11. Out look
12.  इंडिया टुडे
13.  सरिता – 1
14.  सरिता – 2
15.  विनीतामासिक
16. Tell me why
17. B.S.C.
18. प्रतियोगिता दर्पण
19. Open Soree – Monthaly
20. Digit monthly
21. कादम्बनी मासिक
22. E.F.Y.
23. Jr. Science Reporter
24. Reader digest
25. Com. Refresher
26. Science reporter
27. Computer sancharsuchana
28. Hans
29. Physics
30. Chemistry
31. Math
32. Bio
List of Newspapers in Central Library

(1April 2018 31March 2019)

Sr.no Title
1.  अमर उजाला
2.  दैनिक जागरण
3.  हिंदुस्तान
4.  राष्ट्रीय सहारा
5.  पंजाब केसरी
6. Times of India
7. Hindustan times
8.  स्वतंत्र चेतना
9. The Pioneer
10. The tribune
11. द ट्रिब्यून

English newspapers

1. The hindu
2. Business line
3. Business standard
4. बिजनेस स्टैंडर्ड्स
5. Indian Express
6. Economic times
7. The statesman
8. Employmen News
9. रोजगार समाचार