External Affairs Interface Cell (EAIC)

Formed on 06/07/2015

Coordinator and members


Name Department Phone Number Email
Prof.V.K.Singh FMS 7500133344 [email protected]

EAIC members

Rishi Shukla Chemistry Deptt. 9897700557 [email protected]
Ajay Kumar B.Tech. 9927242988 [email protected]
Vipin Kumar B.Pharma. 9759331509 [email protected]
Krishan Kumar MCA. Deptt. 9319777952 [email protected]
Ajay Malik B.PED 9897238225 [email protected]
Rajul Bhardwaj FMS 9761248803 [email protected]



MoU with Center for Aromatic Plants Dehradun

MoU with Bhumanand Hospital

MoU Adecco India Private Limited

MoU Aseries Environtek India Pvt. Ltd.

MoU C & S Electricals Ltd.

MoU Halonix Technologies Limited

MoU Wipro Enterprise Private Limited


MoU with ITC Limited


MoU with NITTR Kolkata

MoU with SIDCUL Manufacturing Association

MoU with UCOST

MOU between GKV and Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO), Dehradun was initiated on 3rd August 2015

MOU between K and S Associates, Gurugram for processing in patents on 10th February 2020

MOU between GKV and Terraphilic Innoventures Private Limited, Gurgaon on 25th February 2020

Agreement of Cooperation between University of Cyprus and faculty of Management Studies, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya on dated 01st July 2020

MOU between Uttarakhand Ayurveda University, Dehradun and Sciences, Faculty of Medical Science and Health, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya on 27th August 2020

MOU between Rabindra Nath Tagore University, Bhopal and GKV,Haridwar on 30th September 2020

MOU between GKV and Amity university

MOU between GKV and Eykem wellness Gurugram

Event Endorsement Till Date:
  • Sent consolidated report as received from Faculty/Deptt. on farming new education policy to meet changing dynamics of the populations’ requirement of providing quality education, innovation and research in the field of higher education on 23rd July 2015.
  • Celebrated 140th Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel birth anniversary by conducting Lecture series from Prof. G.M. Dubey, HoD, Deptt. of Economics, Dr.H.S.S Viswavidyalaya,Sagar on 31st October 2015 in collaboration with Deptt. of English.
  • Organised one day Seminar to celebrate “Constitution Day” and to celebrate 125th Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna,Dr.B.R. Ambedkar on 26th November 2015 in collaboration with Faculty of Management Studies.
  • Workshop on Creating an Intellectual Property Culture Among Students of Higher Education by Ms.  Aparna Jain, Freelancer and Consultant in Patent at Supreme Court organized along with FMS, EAIC on 20/11/2017.
Photo Section:
Still of MOU between K&S Associates and Gurukul Kangri Viswavidyalaya on 10/2/2020 for Patent process.
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