General Criteria for Enrollment:

1) Age limit for a student to join NCC: 18 to 24 yrs of age.
2) Criteria for Enrolment: Only first year graduate students are eligible to enroll in NCC.
3) Quantitative Requirement: No student of any University offering himself/herself for enrolment in the senior division shall be eligible for enrolment

  1. Unless he/she is of good character
  2. Unless he/she is a citizen of India or a subject of Nepal: provided that the central Govt. may in any suitable case, relax the provision of this clause
  3. Unless he/she is under age of 24 years; provided that the central Govt. may in the case of any student or class of student relax the provisions in this clause
  4. Unless he/she is on the roll of the college which is providing the unit or part there of
  5. Unless he/she satisfies such standard of physical fitness in height, chest measurement and other respects as may be specified by the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India
  6. If he/she has at any time been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude and a sentence other than one of the fine or imprisonment in default of payment of fine has been passed in respect of such offence, such sentence not having been subsequently reversed or remitted or the offence pardoned. Provided that a person who is ineligible under this clause shall be eligible for enrolment if he produces a certificate from the state Govt. that he is a fit person to be enrolled


  • After two years of training – ‘B’ Certificate
  • After three years of training – ‘C’ Certificate