Prof. Dinesh Bhatt
Prof. Dinesh Bhatt
Prof. Dinesh Bhatt is an internationally known scientist in the field of avian bioacoustics and biodiversity. He is an Executive Member of the International Council of Bioacoustics, London (IBAC) and Fellow of the International Ornithologists Union. He has acted as Convenor/ Coordinator of several meetings/events of Government of India such as DST Thematic Workshop on Avian Biology, UGC-Special Assistance Programme, Programme Advisory Committee, NCSTC, DST, Advisory Committee of DST Avian Biology School, Summer School of the National Academy of Sciences etc. Recently, he served as a Member in National Planning Committee- SERB School in Avian Biology (DST). Thus, he has contributed significantly to strengthen the Ornithological science in India.

He has about 100 research papers to his credit published in internationally reputed journals such as Current Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, Mitochondrial DNA Part B. Resources, Ecology and Evolution, Wildlife Biology, Belgian Journal of Zoology (Cover Page Article), Journal of Ornithology, Biologia, Forktail, Wilson Journal of Ornithology, Ornithological Science, Current Science (04 articles highlighted on Cover Page), Animal Behavior and Cognition, Avian Biology Research, , Journal of Biosciences etc. Besides, he has been a co-author in review papers published by prestigious international publishing houses such as Plenum Press (London), Center for Academic Publication (Tokyo), Springer-Verlag (New York) etc.

He, as a Principal Investigator, has completed several research projects funded by UGC and DST, Govt. of India. In connection to his research work on ornithology, Prof. Bhatt has frequently been invited to present his findings in different conferences in India and abroad including Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil, France, Portugal, Scotland, China, Finland etc. Besides, He has been a Visiting Scientist to Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia. Also, he has been offered to act as an Expert by Airport Authority of India to mitigate the bird menace in air route.

He has organized several national and International Conferences including International Conference on Bird and Environment (2004) and International Bioacoustics Council Meeting (2017), which were attended by the participants representing more than 30 countries. He has been a Convener/Organizer of symposium of several national and international conferences including 26th IOC (Tokyo, Japan, 2014) and 28th IOC (Vancouver, Canada, 2018).

He has been acting as a Mentor under summer research fellowship programme jointly organized by three National Science Academies (Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences and The National Academy of Sciences India). So far, twenty students have been awarded Ph.D. degree under his supervision. Many of his research scholars, for their substantial contribution to Ornithology, have been awarded prestigious fellowships and awards such as Dr D. S. Kothari Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, DST Fast Track Young Scientist Award, DST International Travel Awards, UCOST Young Scientist Award (Govt. of Uttarakhand) etc.

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