Reviving the ancient education of Brahmacharya (continence), of rejuvenating and resuscitating ancient Indian philosophy and literature, conducting researches into the Indian and western activities, of building up a Vedic Literature incorporating into itself all that is best and assailable in occidental thought, of producing good citizens possessed of a culture compound of the loftiest elements of the two civilizations.


  • To create a synthesis of our Indian intellectual tradition with the best of modern education.
  • Inculcating national spirit and respect for Indian culture among the students and society in order to contribute to the nation-building.
  • Focusing on the personality of the students to be developed by value-based education.
  • Enriching and empowering all the beneficiaries through the participative, positive, harmonious teaching-learning environment.
  • Developing inter-linkages across teaching, research, and extension.
  • Making students employable by imparting holistic education and developing skills.