Student Counselling Cell
Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University)

Counseling is a process that aims to facilitate personal well being of the students by providing them support and guidance to ensure their social and psychological well-being. Gurukula Kangri, a renowned University established by Swami Shraddhanandji is first to practice ‘Garbhast Parampara’, where students are considered as a member of Gurukula family and taken care of by the teachers and co-ordinators of the University. This parampara was started in order to make students feel homely and share their views, thoughts, problems, etc. freely without any hesitation with their mentors so that they could be resolved.
Student Counseling Cell is one such initiative by our University that aims to provide counseling to students by trained counselors confidentially and encourage them to learn and understand themselves. Students are free to share any kind of issues viz. personal, emotional, social, family, peer, academic, etc. which are taken into consideration and cinched to resolve by the Cell. Student Counseling Cell expedites optimistic attitude development in the students, helps in enhancing listening skills helps student build healthy social and interpersonal relationships, develop empathy, promotes decision making capability, reduce stress and nevertheless helps students to understand their own potential and cope with day to day problems. Student Counseling Cell not only resolves academic issues of the students but prepares the students psychologically to face the world outside.


1. To help the students solve their personal, educational, social and psychological problems.
2. To create awareness about issues and problems related to mental health of students.
3. To promote overall development of the students.
4. To develop learning skills among the students.
5. To make positive way of thinking to face everyday problem.

Members of the Committee

S.No. Member Name Designation in the Committee
1. Dr. Arun Kumar Chairman
2. Dr. Richa Saini Member
3. Dr. Vipul Bhatt Member
4. Dr. Suyash Bhardwaj Member
5. Dr. Ajeet Singh Tomar Member/Convenor

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