Training held in the University campus with regular parades include training in drill, map reading, weapon training, obstacle etc. It also includes parades for firing, social service and adventure, parasailing, horse riding, rock climbing, firing, mountaineering, cycle expedition, motorcycle expedition, trekking etc. Parades and theory classes are organized in morning session on parades day of each month.

The Units prepare them for taking up the higher NCC Certificate Examinations. The Cadets are given opportunities for attachment with regular Army or Navy Units (as the case may be) for specialized training and actual experience of field conditions. NCC Cadets are also groomed for assisting the administration in the proper and orderly conduct of special events and in relief work in civic emergencies. The Units also organized brief programme on Republic and Independence Day Celebrations, and on special occasions such as the NCC day, to provide vignettes of the actual field operations of the Defence Forces.