Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology (UCOST) released a grant for establishing IPR cell on the premises of Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar on 29/10/2011.

The purpose of establishing IPR cell is to promote patents and awareness among the youth and how science & technology can be used in a routine way.

An MOU has been signed by Gurukul Kangri Viswavidyalay and K & S Associates of Gurugram, Haryana. This will be covering all filling, endorsing and other legal formalities that road during coverage of this process. All expenses shall be borne by Viswavidyalay with the condition that Gurukul Kangri Viswavidyalay’s as institution name holds the patent’s rights and the first name shall be of the endorser or the individual who slips the formalities of the patent.

Just fill the form Patent Form and tag your invention/ formation/ theme and list to IPR Cell in person to get an IPR enroll no. and then you can sign your enrolled cluster in the register and in front of you only your soft mail shall be forwarded to the company to whom GKV has signed the MoU.

The best part of this process is that no one has to bear the cost which as usual it was coming roughly to ₹15000 to 25000 at the initial level. I hope we can proceed with adding value addition in terms of intellectual property rights or physical leads.

Please do display and disseminate this to your scholars and colleagues too. Till now IPR Cell has processed 5 patents which are in pipeline.

Some session of IPR or patents to be pitched to your Faculty or Department, please do write a letter or mail (ipr@gkv.ac.in) for the conduct of session which will be free of cost.

Events organized by IPR Cell
S.no. Year Event Date
1. 2021-22 Impact lecture series “ Intellectual property rights”

  1. Souvik Ganguly, Thapar University
  2. Pooja Vishal Maulikar, Examiner Of Patents & Designs,Rajiv Gandhi National Institute Of Intellectual Property Management, Nagpur-440001 O/o CGPDTM, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Govt. of India
  3. Prof S K Rajput, DOPS, Gurukul Kangri (Deemed to be University) haridwar
  4. Dr Raman Preet Walia, Amity University Noida
Oct 12, 2021
1. 2021-22 Pitching events for “Creating Successful Business Model Through Stratregic Positioning And Value Propositions Development” under Mentor Mentee Scheme March 25, 2022 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
1. 2021-22 Workshop on Innovation prototype, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking

  1. Dr. Kamla Pathak
  2. Dr Vijay Jyoti kumar
24/02/22 – 25/02/22
1. 2020-21 National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights 25/03/2021-26/3/2021
2. 2019-20 1.Patents-Requirement, Filing Strategy, Case studies at KGM,Haridwar.
2. The How,When,What,Where and Why of Patents-Some case studies-FET,Haridwar.
3. 2018-19 1. The new age of innovation:Co-created value and IPR for sustainable competitive advantage by Dr. s.Joshi,DoM,Doon University,Dehradun.
2. Protection and Exploitation of Innovation & Intellectual Property Rights by Dr. Sumanjeet, Assistant Professor at Department of Commerce, Ramjas College,University of Delhi, India.
3. Implication of IPR infringement in Academics by Dr. Sunil Kumar Yadav, Assistant professor, RDIAS, New Delhi.
4. 2017-18 1. Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Workshop Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights Workshop organized by Department Management Studies Kanya Gurukul Campus, Dehradun in collaboration with IPR Cell Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyallaya,Haridwar And Hospitality Partner ,Texplas, Haridwar. Expert Speaker Prof. H.C.Purohit, Head ,School of Management,Doon University ,Dehradun.
2. IPR Awareness and Plagiarism Detection Tool for Indian Languages by Dr. Joyti Rana from Faridabad at KGM,Haridwar.
3. Workshop on Creating an Intellectual Property Culture Among Students of Higher Education by Ms. Aparna Jain, Freelancer and Consultant in Patent at Supreme Court organized along with FMS,EAIC.
5. 2016-17 1. One day workshop on “Patent Drafting, Filing and Processing” at Faculty of Medical Science and Health by Prof. Shafali Nagpal from sonipat. 14/11/16
6. 2015-16 1. One day empirical workshop on ‘Patents & IPR’
2. One day empirical workshop on ‘Patents & IPR’

  • Workshop on ‘Yoga & Purusartha for Integral
  • Development’ in collaboration with FMS and

Deptt.of HC&YS.

7. 2014-15 1.Organized World IPR Day

  • By conducting essay competition on ‘Pharmaceutical patenting in India: problems of public access to health’.
  • Speech competition on the topic ‘Are patents & copyrights morally justified?’ at FMS, GKV, Haridwar.

2.Workshop on ‘Harnessing Intellectual Property & Its Management For Growth & prosperity’ in collaboration with UCOST, GKV & NRDC

8. 2013-14 One day workshop on ‘IPR and its Significance’ 6/6/2013
9. 2012-13 Talk on IPR

    Patent and Challenges Prof. Yogesh Upadhaya, Dean, FMS, Gwalior
10. 2011-12 One day workshop on ‘IPR and its importance’ 19/2/2012
Training Program Availed

Name Institute of training Days
1 Prof.(Dr.)V.K.Singh Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM) 23rd September 2013 to 27th September 2013
S.no.  Name Application for Patenting/Process Date of submission
1 Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa Roorkee Multi-pair shoes with common sole having slipper inside. 3/4/2015
2 Mr. Amit and Mr. Sudhir, Dehradun Furniture designing Under Process2/7/2018
3 Ms. Vani Sharma and Dr. Padma Singh, Deptt. of Microbiology, KGM,Haridwar Bio sorption of toxic heavy metals by the microbial consortium Under Process
4 Richa Prasad and Prof. Padma Singh Production of ecofriendly bioplastic(PHA) by microbial consortium 30/01/2020
5 Dr. Rakesh Butyani Device comprising plant based material and microbial consortia for wastewater treatment 5/2/2020
Patent Application Form