Equal opportunities cell
Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University)

Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University) was founded by Swami Shraddhanand Ji following the rules of Arya Samaj with the sole aim to revive the ancient Indian Gurukula System of education. He played pivotal role in resuscitating concept of consolidation, organization, purification and promoting knowledge. Henceforth, it is imperative to be the torch bearer of creating awareness on the concept of equal opportunities to one and all; irrespective of gender, ability, socio-economic background, caste, religion or language. Arya Samaj believes in following the vedic system based on qualifications and virtues of the individual instead of a system of caste by birth. Our nation is known for its diversity as well disparity amidst several sections of our society prompting us to devise a stratagem for inclusive progress of every individual in the society. Equal Opportunity Cell is one such indoctrination which entail interactive sessions and promulgation of equality among all the stakeholders of society; prominently the students, staff and faculty. It is an effort to inculcate, counsel and empower the nation builders to realize their potentials and incorporate them in to the mainstream of society enabling them to contribute with their best skills in progression of the society and ultimately our Nation. An access to all pedagogical and extra-curricular resources promotes inclusivity and harmony preventing students from not being deprived of their rightful opportunities.


1. To promote diversity and inclusive practices on the campus and provide adequate opportunities to the disadvantaged group.
2. To raise awareness regarding issues amongst the stakeholders and help to create a non-discriminative environment for the disadvantaged groups in the institution of higher education.
3. To ensure implementation of policies, schemes and programs for the inclusion of underprivileged groups within the framework of policies and guidelines of the UGC.

Members of the Committee

S.No. Member Name Designation in the Committee
1. Dr. Arun Kumar Chairman
2. Dr. Manila Member
3. Dr. Vipul Bhat Member
4. Dr.  Deendayal Vedalankar Member
5. Dr. Sunil Kumar Member/Convenor

For Any Inquiry and Complaints

Email: eoc@gkv.ac.in