About Developer Student Club:-

Developer Student Clubs (DSC)are community groups for students from any academic background in their undergraduate or graduate term. By joining a DSC, students build their professional and personal network, get access to Google developer resources, and work together to build solutions for local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment.

This Club Is Founded to encourage and motivate our budding engineers to share their ideas and use it as a platform to showcase their innovations, to solve the real life problems of Society,District & Local Businesses by the help of Technology, allowing Local Businesses by the help of Technology, allowing participants to come together from various disciplines and institutions to make a friendly network of young professionals. This rendezvous will act as a catalyst to motive our young entrepreneurs,young Developers to materialize technical solutions to different problems and come up with business ideas Which Is Using Mobile Development and Android Development. This conclave will also act as a platform to incubate ideas for different startups by energetic minds of young participants who love to take challenges and to see their dreams turning to reality.

NOTE:- This Club Is Managed & Run By DSC Lead:- “Amritanshu Kumar Verma”.

#Benefit For Members:-

  1. Get An Opportunity To Involve In Regular Activities Of DSC.
  2. Get An Opportunity To Build Up Your Network.
  3. Get An Opportunity To Solve Real Life Problems Of Local Businesses And Getting Paid For That Work.
  4. Get An Opportunity For Global Exposer Of Your Products Or Projects.
  5. Get An Oppurtunity To Join Google Fest/Summit For Developers.
  6. Get An Opportunity To Participate In Google Coding Competition.

#Regular Activities In DSC:-

  1. Triannual Webinars Or Seminars On Different Topics By Experts.
  2. Yearly Oppurtunities For Solving Problems Of Local Businesses And Getting Paid For That Work.
  3. On The Special Days Like(Engineer’s day(15sep),Independence Day,Sawan Special,National Science Day(28th feb) ) Member’s Will Get An Opportunity For An Open-Source Research Based Startup Idea Prsentation Which Will Serve Millions Of People Around The World.

Terms And Conditions For All Members Of DSC

It Is Being Stated That The Above Benefit For Members And Regular Activities In DSC May Not Happen On A Regular-Interval Of Time As Stated Above,It May Subject To Change.All The Official Major Decisions Will Be Taken Only By The DSC Lead Without Any Prior Notice To Any Members Of The #dsc_gkv.

DSC Lead :- “Amritanshu Kumar Verma”

Word Of Advice:- “Life Is A Pretty World,Use This To Make A Better Place In The Heart Of The Earth”

Contact Details Of DSC Lead:-
Mobile No.:- +916205805714
Email Id:-