The NPTEL Local Chapter of GKV came into existence on 30 November 2017 with First and current Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) Dr. Suyash Bhardwaj, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University).

Since 2017 the enrolment in the NPTEL program are growing per semester and students and faculty members are getting benefited from the huge variety and vast courses made available by the experts of the field.

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) was initiated by seven Indian Institutes of Technology (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and Roorkee) along with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2003. Five core disciplines were identified, namely, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering and mechanical engineering and 235 courses in web/video format were developed in this phase.

The main goal of NPTEL Phase II (2009-14) was to build on the engineering and core science courses launched previously in NPTEL Phase I. An additional 600 web and video courses were created in all major branches of engineering, physical sciences at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and management courses at the postgraduate level. Several improvements such as indexing of all video and web courses and keyword search were implemented.

Some highlights:

Largest online repository in the world of courses in engineering, basic sciences and selected humanities and social sciences subjects.

Youtube channel for NPTEL – most subscribed educational channel, 1.6 million+ channel subscribers, 900 million+ views.

More than 56000 hours of video content.

Most accessed library of peer-reviewed educational content in the world.

52000+ hours of transcribed content; 51000+ hours of subtitled videos.

NPTEL Online Certification.

The objective of enabling students obtain certificates for courses is to make students employable in the industry or pursue a suitable higher education programme.

Through an online portal, 4-, 8-, or 12-week online courses, typically on topics relevant to students in all years of higher education along with basic core courses in sciences and humanities with exposure to relevant tools and technologies, are being offered. The enrolment to and learning from these courses involves no cost. Following these online courses, an in-person, proctored certification exam will be conducted and a certificate is provided through the participating institutions and industry, when applicable.

Some statistics regarding the open online courses since March 2014 till Jul 2019.

  • Completed courses: 2000+
  • Enrollments across courses: 1 CRORE+.
  • Number of exam registrations: 11.8 LAKH+.
  • All the statistics pertaining to completed courses are available at https://nptel.ac.in/noc/.
  • All courses are completely free to enrol and learn from. The certification exam is optional and comes at a fee of Rs 1000/course exam.

Certification process

NPTEL began the initiative of offering certification to students for courses in March 2014. The process of certification is as follows.

  1. Subject Matter Experts (SME – faculty from IITs or partner institutes with input from industry) create recorded video content for courses.
  2. The course is uploaded on the portal and opened for enrollments, which is free.
  3. Every week, about 3 hrs of video content is released along with an assignment , which is evaluated and provides the student with a score.
  4. Teaching Assistants (TAs) and the faculty members support the discussion forum – answering questions and clearing doubts.
  5. If someone wants to get a certificate from the IITs/IISc after doing the course, he/she should register for the in-person proctored certification exam that is conducted in 100+ cities across India in collaboration with an exam partner. The certification exam is not free but has a nominal fee of Rs 1000.
  6. Final score=25% assignment score + 75% exam score. The pass criteria for exams is being changed from July 2019. A learner will pass and be certified only if Average assignment score (out of 100) >= 40 AND Final exam score ( out of 100) >= 40. E-verifiable certificates are made available on nptel.ac.in/noc Only e-certificates will be published. Hard copies of certificates will NOT be printed.
  7. These certificates are envisioned for use in credit transfer to universities or for making the student more employable or for enhancing his growth in his current place of work.
SPOC Contact
Dr. Suyash Bhardwaj
SPOC NPTEL Local Chapter GKV