स्वच्छता पखवाडा

1 – 15 सितम्बर 2017

Day 1 Clean Campus Day 01/09/2017

On September 1st, we at FET celebrated Clean Campus Day. on this day the cleanliness drive started from the mechanical department, where the team cleaned the class rooms, labs and corridors. Then the team visited the Electronics Department, Electrical Department And Computer Science Department and cleaned the labs, corridors and classrooms. The staff of FET and the sweepers along with the student participated with great enthusiasm. The clean campus day was coordinated by
1. Sh. Jasbir singh
2. Sh. Ambrish kumar
3. Sh. Mukesh Chand
4. Sh. Brijesh kumar

Day 2 Clean Hostel day 02/09/2017

On Day 2 The team conducted a cleanliness drive in the hostel premises and organized a competition also for the cleanest hostel room. The winners were appreciated with a prize and certificate. Dr. Dharmendra Baliyan and his team including hostel warden Dr. Tanuj Garg and Dr. M. M. Tiwari supervise the whole drive and visited hostel rooms and mess to check the cleanliness. The team along with the students cleaned the hostel rooms and the surroundings.
The clean hostel day event was coordinated by
1. Dr. M. M. Tiwari
2. Dr. Tanuj Garg
3. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar
4. Dr. Rudraman

Day 3 green Campus day 03/09/2017

On the 3rd day Fet celebrated green campus day by organizing a tree plantation program and cleaning the surroundings of the campus. The team under the supervision of, Dr. Sunil Panwar, Dean, FET along with the students and faculty members planted trees and took an oath to keep the surroundings clean and green. The green campus day event was coordinated by

1. Dr. Vipul Sharma
2. Mr. Rishi Kumar Prajapati
3. Mr. Vikash Deshwal
4. Mr. Atul Kumar Varshney
5. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar

Day 4 clean mess day 04/09/2017

On day 4 the team under the supervision of Mr. Namit Khanduja conducted the cleanliness drive by cleaning the campus mess and also encouraging the students to keep the surroundings clean. The clean mess event was coordinated by
1. Mr. Namit Khanduja
2. Mr. Amit Meena
3. Dr. Devendra Singh
4. Dr. Rudraman

Day 5 Essay contest on “Innovative ways for spreading the message of hygiene” 05/09/2017

On day 5 an essay contest was organized on the topic “Innovative ways for spreading the message of hygiene” in FET. Students from all the branches participated in the essay competition. The winner’s are
1. Raj Shekhar, ECE 3rd year
2. Nikhil Singh, ECE 3rd year
3. T.A.L. Suphal ME 3rd year
The event was coordinated by
1. Mr. Gaurav Kumar Malik
2. Mr. Kapil Mittal

Day 6 and 7 Clean surrounding day and care for surrounding 06-07/09/2017

On day 6 and 7 the clean surrounding day and care for surrounding was conducted by the team along with the students at FET premises. The land behind the mechanical workshop was cleaned by calling a JCB machine and the weed was cleaned along the boundary wall, gate and road side.
On the next day the bags of waste were disposed and the weed around the canteen was cleaned. The land was levelled in the ground and around the boundary wall.
The event was coordinated by
1. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Lambha
2. Mr. Dhanpal
3. Mr. Ashok Kumar
4. Mr. Shatrughan Jha

Day 6 Cleaning Surroundings


Day 7: Cleaning Surroundings


Day 8 -12 Care for the surroundings 08-12 /09/2017

Starting from day 8 to day 12 the cleanliness drive was conducted under the NSS units of FET.
The cleanliness drive was conducted on day 8 in the campus and at bahadabad cleanliness awareness camp was organized, on day 9 team visited village sarai for cleaning the livelihood. On day 10 team visited vatsalya vatika, for cleanliness drive. On day 11 team conducted the clean ganga movement.
The event was conducted by the student of FET and the NSS coordinators
1. Mr. Nishant Kumar
2. Mr. Praveen Pandey
Day 8

Day 9 Cleaning Society

 Day 10

Day 11 Ganga Cleanliness Drive

Day 13 Cleanest Hostel room Contest 13-09-2017

On day 13 The Cleanest Hostel room contest was organized in the hostel campus and the rooms were checked and cleaned in the hostel. The most cleaned room of the hostel was announced and the students were appreciated for the same. The winners are
1. Narendra Kumar of CSE from Room number 108
2. Avinash Srivastava of ME from Room Number 121
3. Rajneesh Kumar of CSE from Room number 311
The event was coordinated by
1. Mr. Ashish Nainwal
2. Mr. Shiv Kumar
3. Mr. Shobhit Srivastava
4. Mr. Vivudh Fore

Day 14 Contest for Health and Hygiene 14-09-2017

On day 14th a contest for health and hygiene was organized by the faculty members for the students. A total of 22 students participated in the contest and the winners were
1. Nand lal yadav me 2nd year
2. Devashish pratap singh me 3rd year
3. Pratik pratap singh ece 1st year
The event was a huge success, it was coordinated by
1. Mr. Sunil Sharma
2. Mr. Kapil Dev Sharma
3. Mr. Prateek Aggarwal
4. Mr. Agam Goyal

Day 15 valedictory ceremony and certificate distribution

On day 15 that is today we at FET would like to appreciate the efforts of the staff members and students for conducting a successful cleanliness drive in and around FET campus.
The certificates were distributed for the cleanest hostel room and essay writing competition.
Dr. sunil panwar Dean FET welcomed the guest, Prof. Vinod kumar, Registrar and Prof. Sohanpal arya by presenting garland. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar presented the work done in these days and Mr. Suyash Bhardwaj presented the report for the complete activities of the swatcchta pakhwada for 15 days. Prof. Vinod Kumar registrar motivated students to keep the surroundings clean and also to keep the rooms and hostel clean. Dr. devendra singh presented vote of thanks.
The report compilation and summary was made by
1. Mr. Suyash Bhardwaj
2. Dr. Ajay Kumar
3. Mr. Gajendra Rawat
4. Dr. Lokesh Joshi
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