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About Symposium

Birds offer numerous services and play indispensable roles in structuring and functioning of the world’s ecosystems. They are recognized as one of the most important indicators of the state of the environment and habitat change. For centuries, birds have been the subject of both field and laboratory research, and have been used as a model organism in studies spanning the entire gamut of biological research, from molecular and cell biology, through anatomy and physiology, to behaviour, ecology and evolution. Researches on birds have often led to great theoretical and conceptual advances, for example in physiology, ecology, behaviour, biogeography and evolution. Birds exhibit considerable variations in their life-histories and ecological requirement-variations that can be put to good use in understanding fundamental biological questions.
The symposium on Avian Biology in Haridwar at Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya is going to be the third symposium in a row under the auspices of the Association of Avian Biologists in India (AABI) organized in successive years since the inception of the AABI. The first and second symposia were organized in Mizoram University, Aizawl and IISER, Tirupati. During the forthcoming symposium, the speakers will elaborate upon various aspects of avian biology ranging from physiology, chronobiology, endocrinology, behavioural ecology, bioacoustics, ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology etc. The symposium will provide an opportunity to promote interaction among the avian biologists from different parts of the country that in turn, shall expose researchers to new and exciting ideas and directions in modern avian biology.


The objective of the symposium is to promote interactions and discussion on various aspects of avian biology through invited talks and poster presentations. Interested researchers may send an abstract (within 300 words) latest by 12th March 2021 for poster presentations.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Submit your abstract and register using the link before the deadline: Click Here

Registration charges:
Offline: INR 2000 for Faculty and Scientists (includes lodging and boarding)

Offline: INR 1000 for Research students (includes lodging and boarding)

Online: INR 200 for Faculty, Scientists, and Research students

The participants are required to make online/offline payment before the registration and use the transaction ID/receipt number as the payment reference number. The details of the bank account are given below:

ACCOUNT NO.: 50100158900680

Invited Speakers

• Dr. Manfred Gahr, Germany
• Dr. Mukesh Thakur, ZSI, Kolkata
• Dr. Irina Marova, Moscow
• Dr. Trevor Price, USA
• Dr. Monika Kaushik, Delhi
• Dr. Amit Trivedi, Mizoram
• Dr. Jayapal, SACON, Coimbatore
• Dr. Shalie Malik, Lucknow
• Dr. Praveen J., Bangalore
• Dr.Sangeeta Rani, Lucknow
• Dr. Maria Luisa da Silva, Brazil
• Dr. Livio Favoro, Italy
• Dr. Ramana Athreya, IISER, Pune
• Dr. Per Alstrom, Sweeden
• Dr. Ole Larsen, Denmark
• Dr. Kathy Martin, Canada
• Dr. G. Maheswaran, ZSI, Kolkata
• Dr. Urban Olsson, Sweeden
• Dr. Rajat Bhargava, BNHS
• Dr. Vijaya Bhanu, ISRO
• Dr. Vibhu Prakash, BNHS Mumbai
• Dr. Anil Kumar, ZSI Dehradun
• Dr. Manjari Jain, IISER, Mohali
• Dr. Kazuo Okanoya, The University of Tokyo, Japan


Organizers and Committees

Chief Patron:
Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Chancellor, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar
Prof. Roop Kishore Shastri, Vice-Chancellor, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar
Prof. Dinesh Bhatt, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Haridwar

Advisory Committee:
1.Dr. Mewa Singh, Mysore University
2.Dr. Manfred Gahr, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
3.Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, DG, UCOST, Dehradun
4.Dr. B. P. Singh, Former Advisor, DST, New Delhi
5.Dr. Anand S. Dixit, NEHU, Shillong
6.Dr. Sangeeta Rani, Lucknow University
7.Dr. Robin Vijayan, IISER, Tirupati
8.Dr. Pratap Singh IFS, Former PCCF Mizoram
9.Dr. Amit Trivedi, Mizoram University
10.Dr. Asha Chandola Saklani, SR Himalayan University
11.Dr. Vinod Kumar, Delhi University
12.Dr. Dhananjai Mohan IFS, Director, WII
13.Dr. Navneet, Dean, Life Science, GK (DU) Haridwar
14.Dr. Irina Marova, Moscow State University
15.Dr. Maria Luisa da Silva, Federal University of Para
16.Dr. Livio Favaro, Università degli Studi di Torino Dr. Ramana Athreya, IISER, Pune
17.Dr. Sanjay Bhardwaj, CCS, Meerut
18.Dr. Manjari Jain, IISER, Mohali

Organizing Committee:
1.Dr. Dinesh C. Bhatt, GK (DU) Haridwar
2.Dr. (Mrs.) Namita Joshi, GK (DU) Haridwar
3.Dr. Nitin Kamboj, GK (DU) Haridwar
4.Dr. Vinod Kumar, GK (DU) Haridwar
5.Dr. Nitin Bharadwaj, GK (DU) Haridwar
6.Dr. D. S. Malik, GK (DU) Haridwar
7.Dr. R Bhutiani, GK (DU) Haridwar
8.Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeeta Madan, GK (DU) Haridwar
9.Dr. Gagan Matta, GK (DU) Haridwar
10.Dr. Vinaya K. Sethi, USU, Haridwar

How to Reach

Dehradun Airport is the closest airport from Haridwar with connections to other Indian Airports. Haridwar is also well connected through Train and Buses from New Delhi and other major cities of India


Dr. Dinesh Chandra Bhatt,
Professor and Head,
Department of Zoology and Environmental Science &
Registrar, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University),
Haridwar – 249404,
Uttarakhand, India.

Mob. No. +919927922335

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