5 Day Physical Faculty Buildathon 2023 @ FET, GKV

25th Sep 2023 to 29th Sep 2023  

In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s important for us to stay updated to stay ahead. Faculty Buildathon is designed to expand your horizon and equip you with practical and hands-on technical knowledge. Get ahead with the help of technical bootcamps, expert mentoring, access to licensed software, IBM Cloud, self-learning courses and many exciting benefits at no charge.

This 5-day faculty development programme, on Cloud Application Development with RedHat OpenShift is sponsored by IBM, in collaboration with AICTE and conducted by Smartinternz, enables you to upgrade your skills to become a catalyst for reinvention in your own and your students’ lives. The faculty participants completing the 5-day training with submission of mini-project last day will qualify for receiving participation certificate from IBM.


Experience hands-on training through project-based learning

Get access to No-charge licensed software to write result-oriented research papers.

Get an understanding of the in-demand roles in the market.

Acquire digital badges and certificate.

Mentor assisted Mini-project as part of 5-day program.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University)

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Registration, Accommodation and Other Information

There is no registration charges for the FDP. Accommodation and Food is on the paid basis.

For More information about the FDP reach us at: nishant@gkv.ac.in and sumitbansal.cse@gkv.ac.in.


FDP Track


S. No. Day Topics
1 Day-1 Introduction to Modern App Development

Importance of App Modernization

Important Modernization Technologies

Introduction Red Hat

Products of Red Hat and Architecture

Red Hat’s approach to application modernization?

Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

Get started in the Sandbox, Introduction to OpenShift Dedicated & Architecture concepts

Working with features of RedHat Dedicated &Underding the features like observe,ConfigMaps,Secrets and search

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Learn launching the workspaces, Working on In-browser IDE and create the projects

Edit & test the app code in workspace

2 Day-2 Hands-on with Web-app Development

HTML Basics, HTML with CSS, JavaScript

Introduction to Flask

Python and Flask Environment Setup

Flask Basics and Routes, Dynamic Routing, Forms,HTTP Methods, Templates and Static Files, Redirect and Errors, Cookies and Session

3 Day-3 IBM Object Storage

Introduction to IBM Object Storage & Introducing python SDK for IBM Object Storage

Creating a new bucket, Uploading files to the bucket & Update and delete the files in bucket

Connecting Flask application with Cloud Object Storage

IBM Watson Assistant

An Introduction to Watson Assistant & Learning about Intents, Entities, Dialog

Building a use case with IBM Watson Assistant

Learn integrating Bot with Flask App

4 Day-4 IBM DB2

Introduction to IBM DB2 Database

Introducing python SDK for IBM DB2 Database

Connecting Flask app to DB2 Database

Working on Insert, Update, Delete, Retrieve

Learn creating micro-services with CRUD operations

Containerize your application                  

Intro and Basics of Containerization

What is a Container?

Containerization vs. Virtual Machine

Docker Installation

Main Docker Commands

Building your own Containerized Image for Flask Application

5 Day-5 Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes

Understand the main Kubernetes Components

Kubernetes Architecture

Learn Kubernetes YAML Configuration File

Learn to deploy with application with configuration file

Deploy the application

Deploy the application using 3 different techniques in OpenShift

– Using a container image

– Using a Git repo

– Import from local YAML file

Mini Project



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