Research Areas
  1. Atmospheric & Bio-Physics
    • Bio- electromagnetics
    • Physics of Earthquake
    • Physics of Lightning
  2. Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
    • Meal oxide Nano-composites
      • Metal Oxide Nanostructures based Photo Detectors and Photocatalytic
    • Photo Voltaics
  3. Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical)
    1. Quantum Wells
  4. Theoretical HEP, Gravity, and Cosmology
Emerging Areas of Research
  • Condensed Matter Physics/Material Science(Experimental)
  1. Development of highly sensitive gas sensors using Metal oxide (ZnO-CdO) nanocomposites.
  2. Development and characterization of p-type ZnO for optoelectronic
  3. Development and characterization of Amorphous Chlacogenides for Optical memory devices.
  4. Synthesis and characterization of II-VI Quantum dots for flexible electronic devices.
  5. Synthesis and characterization of Quantum dot, Dye Sensitized and Pervoskite solar cells
  6. We have also developed oxygen and nitrogen gas sensors near room temperature by ZnO-CdO nanocomposites.
  • Condensed Matter Physics
    1. Thermodynamic Properties of Quantum wells
  • Atmospheric & Biophysics
    1. Biological effects of atmospheric radiations including that from Mobile phone communication.
    2. Use of atmospheric electromagnetic signals for earthquake prediction.
    3. Research in the protection of buildings from lightning.
  • High Energy Physics (HEP), Gravity and Cosmology
    1. QCD, Black holes, Kinematics of deformations in GR in diverse contexts, dark matter, and dark energy.
Research Labs
  1. Semiconductor Research. Lab.-01
  2. Material Science Lab.-01
  3. Atmospheric Physics/Bioelectromagnetics Lab.-01