• M.Sc.:- (Specialization in “Applied Electronics”)
  • M.Sc.:- (Specialization in “Atmospheric Physics”)
  • PhD:- Atmospheric & Bio-Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Material Sciences, Theoretical HEP, Gravity, and Cosmology).
  • B.Sc. Physics (With Mathematics, Chemistry/Computer Science)
  • M.Sc. Physics is a two-year program that provides a comprehensive insight into the real world application of Physics. The primary objective of this programme is to build an understanding of pure and applied Physics through theoretical & practical approaches and motivated research in fields.
  • This programme covers advanced knowledge of specialisations like Applied electronics and Atmospheric Physics. It includes a distinctive academic curriculum for students and ensures the transfer of knowledge through scholarly activities interdisciplinary project-based learning state-of-the-art laboratories exceptional computational facilities industry interaction and research opportunities all with the help of qualified and competent faculty members.
  • This programme will give them the expertise to develop a career in the field of Research & Development & Civil Services etc. The students can also invest in their knowledge through further research in M.Phil. and Ph.D. in the specialization of their choice.
  • PHYSICS AND VEDIC THOUGHTS course is taught in M. Sc. Physics.
  • The Ph.D. course is designed as per the latest UGC Regulation 2018.
Curricular Aspects
  • The courses and syllabi undergo revision every three to five years and the process is facilitated by the Board of Studies in the subject constituted by teaching faculty members and two external experts
  • Recent update to semester system based on UGC guidelines
  • Introduction of electives pertaining to thrust areas
  • Contribution of faculty to curricular development
  • Student progression:100% success rate in M.Sc.
  • Hands-on training to MSc students in ongoing research projects
  • Participation of students in Workshops, Seminars and Symposia of the Department providing ample interaction with resource persons
  • Continued participation and support from adjunct faculty members
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