Faculty members are involved in high quality research in the applied fields of plant chemistry (including the plant medicines and Ayurvedic medicines), Reaction Kinetics and mechanism, Macrocyclic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry.

Good publications have been made and the Department has got recognition. Substantial funding has been generated from different agencies like Department of Science and Technology (D.S.T.) India, Council of Scientific and Industrial research (C.S.I.R.) India and University Grants Commission (U.G.C.) India, in the last 12 years.

The department has been selected by D.S.T. under FIST scheme for strengthening the infrastructure facility for academic and research activities.

Research Guidance
  • Dr. R. D. Kaushik, Professor and Head
  • Dr. Anjali Goel, Professor
  • Dr. Abha Shukla, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. R. K. Shukla, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jaspal Singh, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Manila, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Prashant Tevatia, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. R. D. Malik, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Suhas, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Ravinder Kumar, Assistant Professor
Research Areas
  • Kinetics and Mechanism
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Plant Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Macrocyclic Chemistry
  • Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism
  • Polymer Chemistry & Physical Chemistry
  • Activated carbons
  • Adsorption
  • Applications of electroanalytical methods and water treatment
  • Physico-organic
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
Research Laboratories
  • Kinetics Laboratory
  • Natural Product Laboratory
  • Pollutants and Water Analysis Laboratory
Funded Projects Name of PI/Co-PI Title of the project Funding agency Duration Total Cost
1. Dr. Suhas Hydrothermal Carbonization: A Novel Green Methodology for Hydrochar Production, its Applications in the Development of Sustainable Carbon Materials and Utilization in Water Treatment DST, New Delhi 2020-2023 Rs. 39, 24,060/-
2. Dr. Anjali Goel Oxidative degradation of some dyes using iridium nanocluster catalyst. UGC 2010-2013 Rs.9,20,200/-
3. Dr. R. K. Shukla Phytochemical Screening of litchi chinensis and cassia fistula of Haridwar and Dehradun Region UGC 2011-2013 Rs. 1,40,000/-