About the Department

Psychology is an important subject which has wide applications. In order to disseminate the knowledge and skills of psychology to students and research scholars, the department of psychology was established in 1963. The Ph.D. program commenced in 1984. This department occupies an important place in faculty of humanities in the University. The department has been enriched by the dynamic leadership and vision of ex-faculty members which include the founding head of the department Dr. R.E. Pandey and other renowned faculty members – Prof. H.G. Singh, Prof. C.S. Trivedi, Prof. O.P. Mishra, Prof. S.C. Dhamija, Prof. C.P. Khokhar, and Prof. S.K. Srivastava.

The major thrust area in the Department is Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology. The Department is well equipped with psychological tests and experimental apparatus. The department also has a rich departmental library. The areas of research interests include the topics of Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology and Indigenous Psychology.
The M.A. Psychology Course includes the latest trends in Psychology, with emphasis on practical training and field work. The courses lay special emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills through theoretical understanding and its practical implications. A large number of our Master’s and Ph.D students after completing their degrees are employed by different organizations, institutes and hospitals. From time to time, the Department organizes Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures, etc. for the benefit of faculty, Scholars and students.


  1. To strive for the Centre of Excellence in Psychology
  2. To produce knowledgeable and skilled students and scholars
  3. To encourage students to pursue advanced specializations such as clinical psychology, counselling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, health psychology
  4. To encourage students to pursue higher degrees in the field of psychology such as PhD, D.Lit. and post-doctoral fellowships.
  5. To encourage students to qualify comparative exams such as National Eligibility Test (NET), Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and other competitive exams
  6. To encourage ‘learning by doing’ in the students for concepts and applications of psychology
  7. To enhance employability of the scholars and students
  8. To develop applied and research collaborations with institutions and organizations in the area of mental health, rehabilitation, counselling and psychology
  9. To undertake service-cum-research projects in the field of psychology
  10. To organize periodic seminars, webinars, conferences, workshops and invited lectures.
  11. To promote community awareness and undertake campaigns in the field of mental health and rehabilitation
  12. To provide career counselling services to the students
  13. To provide clinical psychology services and consultations to the persons suffering from psychological problems
  14. To commence applied courses in counselling and clinical psychology
  15. To participate and launch online/hybrid programs in psychology
  16. To encourage students to get exposed to field training and internships in psychology
  17. To promote study and applications of psychological principles contained in ancient Vedic literature
  18. To promote innovations and creative thinking in research scholars for advancement of scientific study of psychology in the country
  19. To promote application oriented researches in psychology
  20. To undertake collaborative and inter-disciplinary researches.


  • The department has well qualified and experienced faculty
  • The students are taught applied fields of psychology such as psychopathology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology, rehabilitation psychology, health psychology, cognitive processes, psycho-diagnostics and intensive input in research and statistics is given
  • The students are prepared for wide range of career options such as teaching, research, counselling, psychotherapy and administrative positions.
  • The department has a well equipped psychology lab consisting of biofeedback devices, behaviour therapy equipment, psychology experiments and huge collection of psychological tests.
  • More than two thousand books are available in the Central Library in the field of psychology
  • Limitless scope for research scholars to undertake topics for doctoral researches in any area of psychology.