The Department is equipped with large number of sophisticated and highly useful psychological tests and equipments which includes:

  1. Biofeedback devices: GSR, ECG, EMG, Respiration
  2. Aversion training equipment
  3. Equipment for conditioned reflex
  4. Müller-Lyer illusion
  5. Audio-Visual Reaction Time
  6. Size Consistency Apparatus
  7. Behaviour Therapy Equipment
  8. Electrical Memory Drum
  9. Depth Distance Perception
  10. Human Maze
  11. Tests of Intelligence
  12. Tests of Creativity
  13. Personality Tests
  14. Projective Tests
  15. Anxiety Scales
  16. Depression Scales
  17. Stress Scales
  18. Adjustment Scales
  19. Core Tests: CPQ, CAQ, JMPI, 16 PF, TAT, CAT.


Apart from huge collection of psychology books in Central Library, the Department is also maintaining a library of most relevant books for the syllabus and the reference books. There is ample facility for the students and research scholars to utilize the Departmental library within the department. The books are available both in Hindi and English Language.


The department has well equipped classrooms for research scholars and the students. There are four classrooms having seating capacity of 40 students in each classroom. Separate rooms/cabins are provided to the faculty of the department and the staff. The area of the department is 810 sq. meter.

  • Apart from traditional green boards, the department has acquired a versatile interactive SMART BOARD for presentations and classes.
  • One LCD projector and two OHP Projectors are also available in the department.
  • There are seven computers and four laptops in the department.
  • The computer centre of the university is accessible to all students of the department.
  • The department is enabled by high speed wifi internet connection.
  • All facilities for online class and presentations are available.


The department of psychology is rendering community psychological services for various agencies, community and the people in need of the professional psychological support. Some of the activities are listed below:

  1. Intellectual and behavioural assessment of persons with intellectual disabilities
  2. Psychological counselling for well being of villagers
  3. Educational and vocational guidance to children coming from different place of District Haridwar
  4. Counselling of aged people residing in Ashrams, away from their families
  5. Marital and family counselling to couples having filled their cases for separation in court of law.
  6. to couples having filled their cases for separation in court of law.
  7. Guidance to different industrial organizations problems related to human resources
  8. Services provided to district administration Haridwar regarding Psychological issues as and when needed.
  9. Departmental post graduate and under graduate students actively participates in special counselling programs for disabled children conducted by faculty members in rural and urban areas.


Psychology is an applied subject which has immense scope for the students to choose a career in multi-dimensional settings after post graduation or undertaking specialization. In recent years, the scope of psychology has increased tremendously.

  1. Teaching jobs in universities and colleges.
  2. Career as clinical psychologist and employment opportunities in psychiatric and medical set ups. Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi has recommended Group B entry position in government jobs.
  3. Career as counselling psychologist in setting like De-addiction centres, school counsellor, family counsellor, HIV counsellor, independent practice of counselling psychology.
  4. Career in rehabilitation psychology in disability sector such as centres of intellectual disability, autism, learning disability, and other types of disabilities.
  5. Career as psychologist in various set ups like Defense services, Sports Authority, Corporate sector, Hospitals and many more
  6. Online and Offline practical internship is offered by some professionals and agencies for skill training in the field of psychology. Depending upon the nature of internship, the students can get exposure of various theoretical and practical aspects of psychology
  7. NET-JRF eligibility enables the students of psychology to pursue research and teaching career.
  8. Some alumni of the department are working in highly prestigious teaching jobs in universities and practicing as clinical psychologists

Psychodiagnostic And Therapeutic Centre

The department runs a “Psychodiagnostic and Therapeutic Centre” in “Swami Shradhanand Health Centre” of the university. This centre is having facilities for clinical services of psychological assessment such as intellectual functioning, learning disability, childhood autism, psychosocial disability, neuropsychological functioning, personality assessment, psychodiagnostic clarification. Apart from diagnostic services, the centre has facilities of psychotherapeutic services such as behaviour therapy, biofeedback, cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, supportive psychotherapy and other forms of psychological treatment for psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mild to moderate depression and other disorders.


Social Media Services

To launch social media services for spreading awareness of psychological problems and treatment.


The department is planning to organize series of webinars, invited lectures, workshops, community awareness programs and activities of celebrations of important days such as mental health day.


The department is proposing a number of MoUs (Memorandum of Understandings) with medical and psychiatric institutes and other centres for field training of the students specifically in psychological assessment, diagnosis, counselling, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. The students shall have first hand exposure of working with real clients and patients with psychological problems.