Studying in the Department of Music, at Kanya Gurukul Campus Dehradun, is a truly different experience for the students. This is because, on the one hand, the student pursues their concurrent courses while on the other hand they also learn the traditional art forms of Indian classical music from a unique Institute.

The department was established in 1986. The department is offering bachelor’s and Master’s in Arts degrees to students it is continuously working for the personality development of the students by encouraging them to actively participate in all the events and growing with confidence and a positive attitude.

Department of Music and the student participate directly in a rigorous curriculum that challenges the individual to expand their cultural understanding of music and develop their analytical and performance skills regardless of their previous level of study on musical interests.

Aims and Objectives

  • To Develop a high standard of education and knowledge of the theory of music and aesthetics ‘both ancient and modern, through the study of old and new literature in Sanskrit and other languages and give training in performing arts as a vocation.
  • To promote and support student research and collaborations, often conducted jointly with faculty through publications and performances.
  • Provide opportunities and guidance to prepare our students for a professional life in music through mentorship, and training as educators.
  • To produce artists of high order and to train and prepare teachers well versed in theory, practice and history of music.
  • Develop an analytical, creative and intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language.
  • Provide students opportunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences through active participation in music, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the arts.
  • Draw the best out of students by providing them with the platform to showcase their musical creativity through stage performances in campus cultural events.
  • Provide opportunities for traditional and contemporary musical expressions by students, faculty and guest.
  • In furthering the objectives laid down above, the faculty arranges lectures, concerts, demonstrations and excursion tours to important centers of music in India.

PO’s, CO’s (B.A. Music)

P)’s, CO’s (M.A. Music)