Message from Incharge of Department

“The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2009 and the first batch passed out in 2013. It is one of the richest departments in the faculty with over 350 undergraduate students enrolled. The Department is comprising of the most talented faculties and equipped with a wide range of hi-tech machineries, equipments and software to broaden the practical aspects to students. The students are involved in the projects related to the problems faced by today’s society. Students graduated from Department are not only sound in technical knowledge but also equipped with the technological ethics for the society and are end up to the leading positions in industry, PSU, academia and Government Sector in India and abroad. The faculties from Department evolved in various government schemes/ projects like PMKVY, to help the society in strengthen with skills”.

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Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Lambha, Incharge, Department of Mechanical Engineering
About the Department
“The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a pioneer department of university impart technical knowledge with ethics and human values. The department offers the two AICTE approved programs i.e. B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. A huge network of alumni spread over the world exploring their tech minds and serving the society with advanced expertise in AI with Industrial upgradations. The campus life of students is full of joy and creativity learning to learn new things every day. The well-qualified faculties with expertise in tribology, advanced welding techniques, cladding, biofuels, alternate fuels, composites, waste management, UAE & drone technologies artificial intelligence with robotics etc. engaged with students to shape the future of societal needs.”

Key Features

  • Rich laboratories with advanced machineries.
  • Smart classrooms with advanced IT enabled facilities.
  • Curriculum design is in alignment with AICTE and industrial needs.
  • Strong alumni network in sectors like PSUs/ startups/ academia/ different companies of national and international repute.
  • Active student clubs conducting various activities round the year.
Vision And Mission


To be the center of excellence by imparting valued based quality education and research in the field of Mechanical Engineering through Gurukula education system of education and to fulfill the ever changing industrials demands and social needs thereby contributing in nation building.


    To provide quality and value based education to the students in core and emerging areas by implementing advanced teaching pedagogies.
    To establish and enriching the research, innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem for students and faculty.
    To prepare students for continuous learning to cope up with societal problems throughout by pursuing for higher education or providing services to various facets.
    To bridge the gap between academia and industry by making them familiar with   the current industrial scenario.
    To nurture the leadership and managerial skills in students through project based learning, by building technocrats with ethics.

Program Educational Objectives (Under Graduate Program)

  • PE01: The students will be able to apply the Principles of Mechanical Engineering to meet societal requirements.
  • PE02: The students will be able to develop system and processes including the critical and design thinking to solve complex problems through alumni and industry interactions.
  • PE03:The students will be professionally fit for higher education, research organisation, government services, industries, entrepreneurships.
  • PE04: The students will be able to work in team by applying multi-disciplinary knowledge to strengthen the skills of professional leadership for sustainable development.
  • PE05: The students will be able to give services for solutions of societal problems by developing research and innovation ecosystem.

Program Outcomes

PO1 Engineering Knowledge Ability to apply the knowledge of fundamental of Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Engineering specialization to the solution of complex Engineering problems.
PO2 Problem Analysis Ability to Identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences.


PO3 Design/Development of Solutions Ability to design solutions for complex Engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety and the Cultural, Societal, Environmental considerations.


PO4 Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems Ability to conduct investigations of complex problems using research based knowledge and research methods including design of experiment, analysis and interpretation of data, optimization of data using different techniques and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


PO5 Modern Tool Usage Ability to create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and advanced engineering and IT tools including prediction and modelling to complex Engineering activities with an understanding of the constraints.


PO6 The Engineer and Society Ability to apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional Engineering practices.


PO7 Environment and Sustainability Ability to understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.


PO8 Ethics Ability to apply ethical principles and commit to technological ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practices.


PO9 Individual and Team Work Ability to function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse academics teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.


PO10 Communication Ability to communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the technical and engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.


PO11 Project Management and Finance Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.


PO12 Life-Long Learning Ability to recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the broadest context of technological change.


Program Specific Outcomes (Under Graduate Program)

  • PS01:Apply the concepts of Mechanical Engineering in order to solve the Engineering problems along with the technological upgradation.
  • PS02: Apply technical and professional skills to design, develop, testing and manufacturing of Mechanical products.
  • PS03: Apply technical, leadership and managerial skills through community interaction to solve societal problem while focusing on sustainable and holistic development.
Placement of Batch 2019-2023

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Our Recruiters
The Unified Cloud Pvt Ltd
Pheuture Studio Pvt Ltd
Profilics INC
Big Oh Notation Pvt. Ltd.
Kloudrac Group
Sopra Steria
Walkingtree Technologies Pvt Ltd
Nucleus Software
Autope Payment Solution Pvt Ltd.
Binmile Technologies
Zeeve DeepTech
Pacifence Solutions Pvt. Ltd
ACS NETWORKS and Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Themis Medicare
Lixil Windows
Inmovidu Technologies Private Limited
PPAP Automation
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt Ltd.
Biomet chemicals
Source Soft Solution Pvt Ltd
Pacifence Life Solutions India  Pvt Ltd
QSpiders Incubation
Construct Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Mercer India Pvt Ltd.
Unimax International
Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd.
Pyrax Dental
Naini Papers Limitred
Murvo Technologies (Pool)
Knack Systems (Pool DBGI)
Toyoda Gosei   (Pool DBGI)
Sunbeam Auto  Lightweight Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd.  (HNGIL)
E Ashwa Automotive Pvt Ltd.
JMAN Digital Services Private Limited.
CMR Green Technologies Ltd (COER Joint campus)
Nectar Life Sciences