Departmental Library

The faculty is well equipped and has a spacious library with more than 13,422 books, eBooks and reports/monographs on a large variety of management and allied subjects. The reference section of the library remains open on all working days. The cataloguing service has been computerized. The library has a journal section which is being developed at par with any other leading departmental library. The faculty subscribes various management periodicals, 298 e-journals, 330 emerald cases and 42 research journals, including the Harvard Business Review (HBR), CSI Journal, AIMA Journal etc. A large number of newspapers and magazines are also subscribed for use in the library. It has an area of 1200 sqft.


The faculty is having an audio-visual section also. Efforts are being made to acquire the latest films, both Indian as well as foreign, in the area of management. The section is also having a large number of CDs related to management topics which help to teach the student in a better way. We have OHP projectors, LCD projectors, Laptops, Video Camera, Still Camera, TV, DVDs, Pana board, Smart board and Direct Projector etc. by which teaching is carried.


The state-of-art air-conditioned auditorium equipped with audio-visual facility has a capacity to accommodate 110 persons at a time.


FMS has boardroom where 20 people can interact at a time face-to-face with interactive podium facilities.


From the year 2007 faculty is providing video conferencing to students and faculties to connect with the outside world.