Main Campus

Dr. Karamjit Bhatia
Professor, Department of Computer Science, M.Sc. (Physics), M. Phil. (Comp. Applications), Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Distributed Computing, Soft Computing,  Machine Learning, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Dr. Vivek Kumar
Professor & Head, M.Sc. (Maths), M. Phil. (Comp. Appli.), Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Distributed Computing, Soft Computing, Computer Networks, Machine Learning

Dr. RajKumar
Assistant Professor – M.Sc. (Physics), MCA, Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Distributed Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing

Dr. Mahendra Singh Aswal
Assistant Professor – M.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc. (Computer Science), Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Advanced Computer Architecture, Parallel Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Green Computing

Dr. Shwetank Arya
Assistant Professor – MCA, MBA Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Remote Sensing and GIS, Image Processing

Dr. Krishan Kumar
Assistant Professor – MCA, Ph.D.(Computer Science), (NET)
Artificial Neural Network, Data Structures, J2EE

Kanya Gurukula Dehradun Campus

Dr. Nipur Singh
Professor – MCA, Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Multistage Interconnection Networks, Mobile Agents, Ad-Hoc N/Ws

Dr. Heman Pathak
Associate Professor – Ph.D., M.Sc. (Comp. sc.)
Big Data, Machine/Deep Learning

Praveena Chaturvedi pic
Dr.Praveena Chaturvedi
Associate Professor – Ph.D., M.C.A.
Mobile Agent Technology, VANETs, Biometrics, Machine Learning & IOT

Dr. Neena Gupta
Assistant Professor – Ph.D., MCA, Master’s Degree in Mathematics, PGDCA, L.L.B.
Distributed Database, Cloud Computing

Dr. Savita
Assistant Professor – Ph.D., B.Tech., M.Tech.,NET
Delay Tolerant Network, Wireless sensor network, DBMS, Machine Learning.