The department is well equipped with HR Lab, Naturopathy Lab Shatkarma Lab to carry out the philosophico literary research, therapeutic research, empirical research etc.

  1. Philosophico Literary Research- Research on ancient Yogic literature, Interdisciplinary research on Yogic subject in the disciplines of Vedas, Upanishadas, Smrities, Ayurveda Jyotish and Philosophy.
  2. Empirical Research- Empirical Research studies on the subject Vedic Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Sociology etc. of applied Yoga in Therapeutic, Psychological, Psycho-Physiological and educational areas.
Detail of Research work (Ph.D.)
S. No. Name of the faculty Starting Year Of Ph.D. Guidance Ongoing Total Ph.D. awarded
1 Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj 1996 06 33
2 Dr. Rakesh Giri 2007 02 11
3 Dr. Surendra Kumar 2008 04 12
4 Dr. Udham Singh 2016 02 02
Total 12 58