About department

The department offers a regular course for the award of the degree in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Electrical Engineering and Department also offers a three year regular course in Diploma in Electrical Engineering. The curriculum provides strong base to the students in Electrical Engineering and provides exposure to the latest technologies. Collaboration with faculty members from other disciplines, both within and outside the institute, is encouraged. The department currently has well maintaineed laboratories, equipped with latest equipment and software platforms, to impart state-of-the art technical knowledge.

Key Features

  • Curriculum is designed to facilitate students for placements and pursuing higher education.
  • Best-in-class infrastructure and faculty profile.
  • Placements in the national and international companies.
  • Strong Alumni Support with Alumni working in Navratanas/PSUs/IT Giants/ Startups etc.
  • Industrial visit for students.

The electrical department was established in the year 2002. It is the pioneer department of Faculty of Engineering &Technology. It provides knowledge of subjects /Practical of various electrical field with to have experience of industry and projects.

Vision and Mission


To impart knowledge, develop skills and prepare graduates in achieving global excellence in Electrical Engineering education, industry, high human values and research.


  • [M1]: (Modern Brilliance)
    To prepare engineering graduates with deep understanding of fundamentals of Electrical Engineering through theory and practical experiences.
  • [M2]: (Skills, Ethics & Values)
    To prepare professionals with good technical skills, positive attitude and ethical values.
  • [M3]: (Collaboration)
    Develop strong collaborative links with industry, research organizations and academia to encourage creativity and innovation.
  • [M4]: (Base for Holistic Learning)
    To provide a platform for developing new products and systems based on recent technologies that can help industry and society as a whole.

Program Educational Objectives (Under Graduate Program)

The program educational objectives of the Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Engineering and Technology are that its graduates could demonstrate the following essential components of a successful engineer and/or consultant within two to four years of graduation:

  • PEO1: To train the students of Electrical Engineering so that they can work with government or private sector companies responsible for development of power sector & prove themselves in electrical maintenance for the industry.
  • PEO2: To train students of Electrical Engineering who can contribute to teaching profession, research & development by pursuing higher studies.
  • PEO3: To train students of Electrical engineering in a manner that they should function effectively in the multicultural and multidisciplinary groups in their practice of Electrical engineering profession.
  • PEO4: To encourage students to develop lifelong learning skills, to have self-motivation and high moral and ethical values for a successful professional career.
  • PEO5: To train the students of Electrical Engineering to contribute their knowledge for social work, human values, national development.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1: Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge in effective implementation during their practice of profession of Electrical Engineering with due regard to environment and social concerns.
  • PSO2: Graduates will demonstrate their knowledge in analysis, design, erection and laboratory experimentation regarding Electrical Engineering.
  • PSO3: Graduates will be motivated for continuous self-learning in engineering practice and pursue research in advanced areas of Electrical Engineering in order to offer engineering services to the society, ethically.