About Department

Established in year 1983, Faculty of Education, Department of Lifelong learning (formerly Department of Adult & Continuing Education) of the GKV had been trying hard to accomplish the educational needs of the people living beyond its boundaries in sub urban areas, in villages behind the mud-walls and sheds of labour hutments.

The GKV does not consider this work simply as a part of routine work rather it believes that formal and non-formal methods of learning should be promoted together making the GKV system truly meaningful in the present Indian scenario.

The main objective of establishing this department was to extend knowledge and other institutional resources to the community and vice – versa which can be described as:

  1. To make education relevant to real life situation.
  2. To help enhance the quality of life – among the students / community as a whole.
  3. To make higher education as an instrument of social transformation by disseminating numerous need – based knowledge and information to the community.
  4. To develop the capabilities of the community by providing capacity building programmes so that personal skills are upgraded to enhance overall personality development.
  5. To involve teachers and students as an institutional resources for community development.
  6. To develop strong linkages / coordination with the development agencies of Government and Non – Government organizations to strengthen formal and non-formal education programmes.