Research Areas

The Department of Applied Sciences provides facilities for research leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The Department teachers have a number of research papers in reputed journals.

Research Laboratories

The Department has well equipped laboratories to impart practical training to the B. Tech students in the fields of Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry. An instrumentation lab has also been set up recently in the Department, which is also equipped with UV-Pharmspec-1800, with high precision water bath, Clevenger Apparatus and Soxhilet Apparatus.The Department is faciliated by the following equipments in the core subjects of Applied Physics and Chemistry.

Applied Physics:

Value of Stefan’s constant experiment set up,Two-way keys, Characteristics of a photo cell set up, Dispersive power of prism set up, Wavelength of spectral lines by grating set up, e/m by Helical method& magnetron method set up, Spherometers, Energy band gap experiment by 4- probe method setup, Study of Hall effect set up, , Wavelength of monochromatic light with Newton’s ring method set up, Polarization of Laser light and to verify Malus law set up, Specific rotation of cane sugar solution by polarimeter set up, Planck’s constant by photo electric effect set up, Traveling Microscopes,Spectrometers, Vernier Callipers, Screw gauge, Susceptibility measurement by Quinke’s method set up, Variation of magnetic field set up, CRO (Aplab Make) , Physical balances ,Various coherent Light sources like He- Ne Lasers, Mercury & Sodium Sources etc.

Applied Chemistry:

Abbe’s refractometer, Polarimeter, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Turbidity meter, Bomb calorimeter, Flame photometer, Photo-fluorimeter, Water and soil analysis kit, Spectrophotometer, UV Pharmspec-1800 Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Corporation, Japan), Thermostat water bath, UV inspection cabinet, Clevenger apparatus for essential oil separation, Soxhilet apparatus etc.

Funded Project

Sunil Panwar, Associate Professor in Applied Physics completed one Major Research Project during May 2013 to April 2016 funded by UGC, New Delhi. The details of the project are as under:

Funding Agency Total Grants Sanctioned Total Funding Received Name of Funding Agency Project Title
National Rs. 8,11,800/- Rs. 4,95,300/- UGC, New Delhi “ Theoretical Study of Rare Earth Manganites Doped With Alkaline Earths Namely Re1-xAxMnO3 Exhibiting Colossal Magneto Resistance Phenomena”