About the Department

Department of Applied Sciences offers core courses in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to undergraduate students of various engineering disciplines, and aims to impart the basic knowledge of the subject. The Department offers Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Mathematics courses to all engineering disciplines in their 1st year. Engineering Physics provides basic knowledge of Optics, Quantum Physics, Materials Science, Applied Mechanics, Solid-State Physics, etc. Engineering Chemistry provides basic concepts of Chemical Bonding and Periodic Properties, Chemical Kinetics, Polymers, Nanochemistry, Organic reactions and Synthesis of some common drugs.
Engineering Mathematics offers courses to undergraduate students of various engineering disciplines up to the 7th semester. The syllabi include areas such as Calculus, Differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, Z transforms, fuzzy mathematics, probability, numerical methods, discrete structures, and graph theory. It helps the students to enhance the knowledge of computational techniques, discrete structure, and statistical testing. The objective of the Department is to produce engineers with a strong scientific background, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills through regular teaching.
The Department comprises multi-disciplinary faculty members, at present in the area related to Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There are 07 well qualified and experienced faculty members whose services are available to the Department. Among them, there are two Associate Professors and five Assistant Professors.


The Department was created in the year 2000 to impart basic knowledge of Physics and Chemistry and to provide a sound knowledge of Mathematics to B. Tech students.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Department is to produce world-class and dexterous students along with a promising and challenging career and provide a platform to encourage an outcome-based research environment. Our mission is to educate students about traditional and modern knowledge of ethics.