Date Sentence Doc
29-01-2021 आपके पिताजी/माताजी का नाम क्या है?
28-01-2021 मेरा नाम राम/ राधा हैI
27-01-2021 आपका शुभ नाम?
26-01-2021 आपका स्वागत हैI
25-01-2021 आपका आशीर्वाद हैI
22-01-2021 I have my own business.
21-01-2021 What work do you do?
20-01-2021 I am a native of Rajasthan.
19-01-2021 Where are you from?
18-01-2021 You are very kind.

We are glad to inform you that a large number of activities are being conducted under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme by the participating Ministries/ Departments and Universities/ Institutions/ Schools under the Ministry of Education.

As per the directives received from MHRD vide Office Memorandum 11018/02/2019-EBSB(Pt.I)-Part(l) dated 05 June 2020 issued by Under Secretary, EBSB Cell, Department of Higher Education, MHRD. NITI Aayog has prepared a compilation of 100 sentences in 21 different languages. The same is being displayed as one sentence every day with its translations in 21 different Indian languages, on the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat website (