Other Features


  • The programme is developed after extensive research and interaction with the various stakeholders. It provides the students with various routes to the industry, matching their requirements with their skills and predispositions. The programme offers a blend of analytical and creative problem solving skills.
  • The programmes place strong emphasis on practical experience for which extensive interaction with the industry is built into the curriculum. Beside the summer placement and major final semester project, students are expected to engage in industry-oriented projects as a part of their regular course work
  • Faculty has added another mile stone by getting an ‘ISO 9001:2008 Certification’ WRG.
  • Faculty publishes its Newsletter ‘MANTHAN’ annually.
  • Faculty publishes its Internationally Referred Journal ‘GURUKUL BUSINESS REVIEW [GBR]’ annually.
  • Faculty Organizing ‘Co-curricular Activities’ on every week like CSR, Extempore, Debate Competition, Business Quiz etc.
  • There is 15 minute Yoga/PD session daily in first period for each course as a part of the Time-Snap.
(Since - 2005)

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