The collections of the museum are being classified and displayed in the following galleries

Proto-historic Galleries

Proto-historic Galleries comprising antiquities of the Harappa culture (c.2500-1500 BC); Copper-Hoard culture (c.2000-1500 BC) and Painted Grey ware culture (c.1200-600 BC) …. Details

Swami Shraddha Nand Kaksha

One of the main themes of this museum is this Kaksha where in photographs relating to his life right from his early days to his assassination …. Details

Sculpture (stone) Gallery

In this gallery Sculptures relating to Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jain religions and ranging in date from Sunga times to modern times (20th century AD) have been meticulously displayed …. Details

Terracotta’s Gallery

Terracotta figurires, panels and plaques ranging in date form Harrppan times to late …. Details

Coins Gallery

This gallery is also one of the most important and attractive galleries of this museum. The rich collection of the coins is more than 4000 in numbers ranging in date from the earliest known punch marked coins to the modern times …. Details

Metal Sculpture Gallery

In this gallery, metal sculptures relating to Brahmanical and Buddhist religions and various types of birds and animals are being displayed.amongst the Buddhist icons, images in Dhyana (meditation) and Bhumi-sparsha mudra (earth-touching posture) are common …. Details

Painting Gallery

This gallery is also an extra attraction for the art lever as well as common people. A variety of styles, subjects and themes enrich this collection. It includes Rajasthani Nathdwara style, Jaipur-Amer styles, Pahari-Kangra style and local Kankhal style, which has been preserved as its eye copies, prepared by this museum …. Details

Manuscript Gallery

More than 333 manuscripts of different languages, ranging in time between 16th century AD to 20th century AD and of various writing materials have been displayed in this gallery. This includes manuscripts of Bangla, Sanskrit, Farsi, Gurumukhi, Tibet, Urdu, Hindi-Urdu, Sanskrit-Hindi, Devanagari (Hindi), Sharda, Sanskrit-Urdu. Various manuscripts written on the Tarapatra were also displayed …. Details

Himalayan Darshan Photo gallery

The Himalayas has been a center of attraction, not only for the hermits and Yogis but also for other curious people of the world, from time immemorial. The glory of it has been vividly described in various ancient Indian literatures. Though, in the modern age of scientific development it has become easy to have a look of the Himalayan peaks, a travel beauty of nature but still it remains a mater of imagination for the common people …. Details
Misc.Section which comprises beautifully executed sketches of the by gone ages, hair dresses of different historical periods, charts showing development of ancient Indian scripts, meticulously depicted birds of the Kalidas times and etc …. Details

The Museum is running different Courses –

(i) Ph.D. (ii) Postgraduate Studies ( 2 years Master of Arts), and (iii) Under Graduate Course ( (i) History (ii) Museology and Archaeology (iii) Indian Culture
(Since - 2005)

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