Faculty of Science


The faculty of Science under college of Science was founded by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime minister of India in 1958. Initially there were only under graduate courses (B.Sc) with subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Zoology & Botany in college of science, which was bifercated into two faculties viz faculty of science and faculty of life science. M.Sc mathematics was started in 1964 in contemporary & M.A mathematics in Ved & Arts collage of this Vishwavidyalaya. Letter on a job oriented courses M.Sc chemistry (specialization in commercial methods of Chemical Analysis) was introduced at P.G.Level in addition to M.Sc Physics (specialization in applied Electronics) in 1992. Computer science and Statistics subjects were introduced at U.G level as an additional subject in 1988 and 1996 respectively. Semester system has been implemented in all P.G. courses from 1997-98 and in U.G. courses from the session 2012-13. There are three P.G & Research departments under faculty of science viz Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics & statistics with following courses:

Dept. of Chemistry

U.G. B.Sc Chemistry with Maths / Physics/Comp.Sc./ Zool./ Bot./ Microbiology
P.G. M.Sc Chemistry with specialization in Commercial Methods of Chemical Analysis
Ph.D. Chemistry

Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics

U.G. B.Sc Mathematics with Physics/Chemistry/Comp.Sc./Economics
P.G. M.Sc Mathematics with emphasis in Industrial Mathematics
Ph.D. Mathematics

Dept. of Physics

U.G. B.Sc Physics with chem. / Comp.Sc. /Maths
P.G. M.Sc Physics with specialization in
(i) Applied Electronics
(ii) Atmospheric Physics
Ph.D.Physics All of the departments under faculty of science have their own Lecture Theaters, Seminar Halls, Departmental Libraries and well equipped Labs including Computational Labs. High speed internet facility is available to all faculty members, research scholars and U.G. / P.G. students round the clock.
(Since - 2005)

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