Department of Hindi


When Swami Shraddhanand established Gurukul Kangri in 1902 on the holy banks of the Ganges with an objective of reviving the age old Gurukul system of education, he retained Hindi as one of the subjects to be taught.

The kind of visionary that he was, he must have visualized that if the Brahmacharis had to keep pace with the moving world, they should learn the language that would give them access to the modern knowledge.

Hindi continues graduation level in the faculties of Humanities and Oriental Studies. Keeping in view the role Hindi is playing in developing India, the Hindi Dept. of this university has started teaching Functional Hindi.

Keeping in tune with the basic character of this university the Department of Hindi is teaching Indian aesthetics as compulsory papers at the post graduate level. We also specialize in the area of the application of Sanskrit Poetics to Hindi literatures at the doctoral level.

(Since - 2005)

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