Name Designation Qualification Research Area E-mail id Contact No.
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Prof.(Dr.)Pankaj Madan Professor MBA, M.P.W.T., Ph.D. Operations Management,IT & QT pankaj.madan@gkv.ac.in 7500622221,
Department of Applied Science
Dr.S. Panwar Associate Professor & Head Ph.D Solid State Physics dr.sunilpanwar@yahoo.co.in 9897048445
Dr. Devendra Singh Assistant Professor M.Sc.&P.hD. Bio Physics devendra.singh@gkv.ac.in 9219721765
Dr. M. M. Tiwari Associate Professor Ph.D Synthetic Organic Chemistry muralimanohartiwari@yahoo.co.in 9411755444
Dr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor M.Sc.& Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry ajaykumarche@yahoo.co.in 9927242988
Dr. Vivek Goel Assistant Professor Ph.D Vedic Mathematics goelv2007@
Dr. Lokesh Joshi Assistant Professor M.Sc.&P.hD Fixed Point Theory lokesh. joshe@gmail.com 9410907993
Dr. Rudraman Assistant Professor M.Sc.&P.hD. Operational Research rudramansingh10@gmail.com 9720449992
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Mayank Aggarwal Associate Professor & Head Ph.D Cloud Computing ,Fog Computing, NDN uormayank@yahoo.com,
Dr. Suyash Bhardwaj Assistant Professor M.Tech.
MANETS, Search engines, Soft Computing suyash.bhardwaj@gmail.com 9719580167
Mr. Nishant Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech.Ph.D
Cloud Computing, Web Development nishant@gkv.ac.in, 8979798008
Mr. Namit Khanduja Assistant Professor M.Tech. AdhocNetwork, Mobile computing, Sensor Network namit.khanduja@gmail.com 9719242914
Dr. Mukesh Chand Assistant Professor M.Tech.Ph.D Mobile adhoc network mukesh.geu@gmail.com 9897503230
Mr. Agam Goyal Assistant Professor M.Tech. AI, NLP, ANN agam.goyal89@gmail.com 9412999852
Mr. Vivudh Fore Assistant Professor M.Tech. Wireless sensor network vivudh.fore@gmail.com 9634000507
Mr. Shashank Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech. Wireless sensor network shashankgkvfet@gmail.com 9758442442
Mr. Ashwani Assistant Professor M.Tech. Android ashwanigbpuat@gmail.com 7017173017
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. Vipul Sharma Associate Professor & Head Ph.D Computational Electromagnetics and Microwaves vipul.s@rediffmail.com 9760581291
Dr. Tanuj Garg Assistant Professor M.E. Mems& Microwaves tanujkgarg@rediffmail.com 9411174701
Mr. Prateek Agarwal Assistant Professor M.Tech. Compression techniques for Digital Videos max.prateek@gmail.com 7599222718
Mr. Vivek Kumar Assistant Professor M.E Semiconductor mail.kumar.vivek@gmail.com 8755661187
Mr Gaurav Malik Assistant Professor M.Tech. Bio-Medical Signal Processing goravmalik@gmail.com 9927913437
Mr. Anuj Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech. Wireless Communication (Cognitive Radios) anuj84.nitj@gmail.com 9027487036
Mr. Atul Kr. Varshney Assistant Professor M.Tech Microwave, signal processing atul26_sit@rediffmail.com 7669856664
Mr. Shiv Kumar Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech. Wireless communication shivnitjal@gmail.com 9897108173
Mr. Amrish Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Electronics and communication,
embedded systems,
semiconductor devices
nosy.amrish@gmail.com 8057560564
Mr. Ashish Nainwal Assistant Professor M.Tech) Biomedical Signal Processing, Embedded System ashishnainwal
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Lambha Assistant Professor M.Tech. Ph.D (Pursuing) TRIBOLOGY sanjeev.lambha@ gkv.ac.in 9897058062
Mr. Rishi Kumar Prajapati Assistant Professor M.Tech. Production Engg. rishi_5005@yahoo.com 09675114166
Praveen Kumar Pandey
Assistant Professor M.Tech. Pattern Analysis by using Discriminant & Weighing function praveenmech1@gmail.com 9760006131
Mr. Kapil Dev Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech. Ph.D (Pursuing) Manufacturing System Engineering kapilshiva999@gmail.com 08650775574
Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Ph.D (Pursuing) Metal matrix composite, micro machining in advance manufacturing process sunil508@rediffmail.com 9536453308
Dr. Shobhit Srivastava Assistant Professor M.Tech. Ph.D. Thermal engineering shobhit_srivastava
Mr. Jasbir Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech.Ph.D (Pursuing) Machine design, tribology jasbir.nitk@gmail.com 8006787687
Department of Electrical Engineering
Mr. Gajendra Singh Rawat Assistant Professor M.Tech. Control System gajendrarawat009@gmail.com 9528290299
Mr. Brijesh Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Power Electronics and Drives kumarbrijesh92@gmail.com 8307206119
Mr. Yogesh Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech. Instrumentation and control yksehgal20012@gmail.com 9410468456
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Assistant Professor M.E. Power System and Electric Drives abhishek.kumar@gkv.ac.in 7417507441
Mr. Ashish Dhamanda Assistant Professor M.Tech Power System ashish.dhamanda@gkv.ac.in 9756686711
Mr. Aevant Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech Power System aevant.k786@gmail.com 7500963844
Mr. Bhuwan Satija Assistant Professor M.Tech Power System bhuwansatija@gmail.com 9997069145
Mr. Sumit Chaudhary Assistant Professor M.Tech Power System sumitchaudhary156@gmail.com 9897916111
(Since - 2005)

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