Department of AIHC & Archaeology

Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology

The founder of Gurukul kangri Vishwavidyalaya Swami Shraddhanandji Maharaj had envisaged as one of its important objectives the promotion of the teaching and research in Ancient Indian History and Culture. Keeping in view the above fact the department has always tried to achieve the desired objective. In fact, the Vishwavidyalaya is best suited for the study of Indology, especially Ancient Indian History and Culture. Its faculty members to name a few, Acharya Ram Deva, Chandragupta Vedalankar, Jayachandra Vidyalankar, Haridutta Vedalankar, Satyaketu Vidyalankar and Prof. B.C. Sinha made immemorable contribution to the field by writing a number of books on various aspects of Ancient history of India.

The department entitled “Ancient Indian History, culture and Archaeology” is a Post Graduate department which offers Indological Researches of Global excellence. But it also arranges the teaching of History, Archaeology and Museology and Indian Culture, at undergraduate level. Department also maintained an Archaeological Museum, which has a valuable collection of Coins, Terracotta, Pottery, Paintings, Photographs, Manuscripts, Sculptures, Metal artifacts, ect.

(Since - 2005)

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