Department of Computer Sc. & Engineering

Programming in C Lab

List of practical

  1. To print “Hello” on the screen.
  2. To perform arithmetic operations (+,-,*,/,%).
  3. To display ASCII codes of Character set.
  4. To convert a given number of days into years, weeks and days.
  5. To print the smallest and greatest of among ‘n’ given numbers.
  6. To find the roots of a quadratic equation ax^2+bx+c.
  7. To calculate area of a circle, a rectangle or a triangle depending upon user’s choice.
  8. To print the table of a given number.
  9. To calculate and print the sums of even and odd integers of the first ‘n’ natural numbers.
  10. To check the given number is prime or not.
  11. To check a number is Armstrong or not.
  12. To check a number or a string is palindrome or not.
  13. To a program to find the LCM and HCF of two numbers.
  14. To print the following pattern:-
  15. A &&&&&&& * * * * * *
    AB &&&&&   * * * * *
    ABC &&& * * * *
    ABCD & * * *
    ABCDE   * *
    ABCDEF   *
  16. To convert a string to uppercase as well as in lowercase.
  17. To swap 2 numbers by both, call by value and call by reference.
  18. To find the factorial by recursion.
  19. To search a specific element in a 1-D array.
  20. To add, subtract and multiply 2 matrices.
  21. To find row sum and column sum, sum of elements above and below the main diagonal of a matrix.
  22. To make a database of students using structures.

To reverse, concatenate, compare and calculate length of a string without using standard library function

(Since - 2005)

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