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Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Maheshwari is an active member of several scientific bodies of international repute and in the board of panels of various academic and administrative bodies. He was Editor of the Journal of Indian Botanical Society (1999-2002) and awarded “Prof. Y.S. Murty Medal” and ‘Birbal sahni Award’ of Indian Botanical Society in the year 1992 and 2018 respectively, for his outstanding contribution and bestowed with the Platinum Jubilee Lecture award of the Indian Science Congress Association 2012 and unanimously nominated President- Plant Sciences, Indian Science Congress- 2015-2016.
As a young scientist, he was selected under UNESCO programmes and worked in Biol. Res. Centre (Szeged), Hungry in the year 1983-1984. He was Visiting Professor, Science University of Tokyo, Noda (Japan) in 1993 and 1998 and Guest Professor in the various university including University of Ulm (Germany), University of Gent (Belgium), University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Tokyo (Japan), Deagu University (Korea) and many National and International institutions.
Prof. Maheshwari has about 165 research papers and review articles in leading peer reviewed Journals, published so far. 45 candidates have been awarded Doctorate (Ph.D) degree under him. He has successfully completed 15 Major Research Projects financed from UGC, CSIR, UPCST, MAPCOST, MNES, UCOST etc. and recently awarded UGC BSR fellowship from UGC, New Delhi
He is awardee of special recognition from UCOST and is active member of Biodiversity board UCOST and Convenor of Science Forum, UCOST. Prof. D.K. Maheshwari is nominated member Co-ordinator of Peer team of National Accrediation and Assessment Council (NAAC), Bangalore.
He has submitted four strains of Rhizobia in Microbial Type Culture Collection, IMTech. Chandigrah, India and two strains of Sinorhizobium in Japan Collection of Microorganism Wako, Japan.
His two patent has recently published by Indian patent office. The first is entitled “A seed coating composition for managing pathogens and reducing application of fertilizer and preparation thereof,” (Reference No. 1491/DEL/2009) and another is “A bio-inoculant consortium for enhancing the active content of medicinal plant and its method thereof, (Reference No. 2730/DEL/2009). He has published several books both from National and International publishing houses.
He is the Editor of Microbiology Monograph entitled “Plant Growth and Health Promoting Bacteria” Springer, Heidelberg, Germany published in 2010, Besides A text book of Microbiology and Practical Microbiology, published by S. Chand & Co. New Delhi. A set of seven Volumes entitled Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop ecosystem, Plant growth response, Plant nutrient management, Stress management, Plant Probiotics, Disease Management, Crop Productivity, and four volumes in the series on Sustainable Development and Biodiversity entitled Bacterial Diversity in Sustainable Agriculture, , Composting for Sustainable Agriculture, Halophiles- Biodiversity and Sustainable Exploitation, Bacterial Metabolites in Sustainable,Endophytes: Biology and Biotechnology, Endophytes: Crop Productivity and Protection all published by Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.

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