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Gurukula Arogyawardhini It stimulate ,cleans and purifies blood. It also helps to increase appetite and removes extra fat.
Contents :Extract of herbal product.Dose:Use twice a daily(One in morning and one after dinner)
Available In:10gms(Rs.27.00),25gms(Rs.61.00),50gm(109.00).
Gurukula BrahmiRasayan improves memory retention increases memory grasping ability and physical power.
Contents :Extract of Brahmi, Shankhpuspi, Ashwagandharisht, Jatamasi etc.
Dose:Use twice a daily
Available In:250gms(Rs.70.00),500gms(Rs.126.00).
Gurukula Chandraprabha Vati controls the the out flow of important body elements in urine and is extremely useful in kidney stones, fistula, Liver disorders and Anaemia. A energy giving composition suitable for children, young and old, man and woman.
Contents :Extract of Shilajit ,Guggul, Ironash, Vanshlochan etc.
Dose:Use twice a daily
Available In:10gms(Rs.25.00),25gms(Rs.56.00),50gm(100.00).
Gurukula Kasari helpful in case of cough. Good for all age group of people.
Contents :Extract herbal products.
Dose: Have it twice a day(1 teaspoon for adult and 1/2 for children)
Available In:50ml(Rs.18.00),100ml(32.00).
Gurukula Madhumeha Nashini Gutika Specially beneficial in diabetes and concerned diseases.
Contents :made from various ayurvedic herbs along with Trivang Bhasam, Pure Shilajit and Makardhwaj..
Dose: Use it as prescribed.
Available In:50gms(Rs.125.00)
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