Deparment of Applied Sciences


Department of Applied Physics

Faculty has a separate laboratory for catering to Engineering Physics for B.Tech first year students. This lab has experimental set up of Fresnel’s Biprism, Polarisation of laser light, Susceptibility measurement by Quinke’s method, Hall effect setup, ultrasonic velocity in liquids. The lab has sufficient experimental equipment to perform experiments according to syllabus.
One UGC Major Research Project “Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites” is running in the department under the guidance of Dr.Sunil Panwar,Incharge,Department of Applied Physics.

Department of Applied Chemistry

Chemistry lab serves Engineering Chemistry course of B. Tech first year students. Gas pipe-line is fitted with all safety devices in the lab. A section of chemistry lab has various modern equipment like conductivity meter, pH meter, turbidity meter, ABE’s refractometer, electronic balance and flame photometer and UV- Vis Spectrophotometer.

Department of Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics department was established in the year 2000. It is one of the key department of Engineering Faculty. Presently following courses are offered by the department.

1. Engineering Mathematics I
2. Engineering Mathematics II
3. Engineering Mathematics III
4. Discrete Mathematics
5. Numerical Analysis
6. Numerical Analysis Lab
7. Optimization Techniques

(Since - 2005)

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